Cold weather armor

My armorers bench doesn’t show any of the cold weather armors. How do I make or acquire them?

Did you learn every armor?
With the strenght armors there is the medium one, which should give cold resistance as well.
Level 40 gives vanir armors and if you find the location where you can learn the hyena armor, that one grants cold resistance as well.

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I guess I’ve just not found the location of other recipes. I didn’t know that was a thing. I just have what comes with the armorer’s bench.

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Learn Vanir armor from the level 40 feat. You don’t need to find recipes to get armor for cold weather.
Zamorian Thief at level 50 is also warm.

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If you want one at low level then craft the hyena armour as it’s super easy to make at low level and farm the mats for it. The recipe for the hyena armour is at a camp near the pirate ship in the desert.

Vanir armour at level 40 is also good but you will need steel for that. If you’re level 40 though you can have health regeneration and the perk which reduces weather effects and then you won’t need any armour. Can run about the frozen north naked.

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I’m level 60 how do I get that perk?

Only for the heavy set. Light and medium uses fur.

30 points in Vitality. But if you want to climb, you ‘do’ need warm clothing. Taking damage from the cold makes you fall. I carry a full set of Vanir Settler gear (light armor) with advanced flexibility kits on for staying warm and climbing in the north. Also, higher quality gear has better protection from the elements. So if you make Exceptional Vanir, it’ll keep you warmer than regular Vanir even though both show only 1 unit of cold protection per piece. You can see the total is higher on the stats screen.

Even with 30 Vitality, you can’t run around naked forever. Frostbite deals 4 damage per tick which is just barely too high for Fierce Vitality to keep up with. If you have 25% damage reduction, it’ll deal 3 damage per tick, which Fierce Vitality can deal with and keep you at max health.

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Well I have run around for the past 3 days naked in the north farming black ice and obsidian and havnt died once. I also havnt had to climb anything to reach black ice as there’s plenty lying around.

Unless you plan on starving you will have some food with you which helps the regen. I want to be able to carry as much as possible so I have zero gear apart from a pick axe and just eat ice when I’m thirsty and berries when I’m hungry. Also if I die and I can’t find my body to loot then it doesn’t matter as all i had on me were recourses which are easily replaced rather than my best gear and armour.

Except that taking damage cancels regen from food.

And that’s a lot of time to farm black ice. You can get over 9,000 in about 10 minutes.

Well mixed in with a good few runs in the black keep to farm steel from the loot boxes :sunglasses:

That’s not a bad way to get steel.
But for both Black Ice and Obsidian, I just make 1 trip with the Momentum perk and I have enough to last for months. I’ll never need more before I stop playing this game or make a new character.

So you wouldn’t need to craft any gear then if you were just making one trip to the north to farm resources. My base is up north so I never leave and constantly run around naked getting wood, steel, berries, black ice, obsidian, iron, star metal and never fight anything.

However if you were going up north to fight npcs and players then I would definitely craft the gear as the health damage from the weather effects wouldn’t be nice.

Well I never said I only make one trip to the north for resources. I said Black Ice and Obsidian, specifically. :slight_smile:

I go up there all the time.

I think we’re getting way off topic.

We are :smile:. I just mentioned black ice and obsidian as a generalisation rather than naming every resource I gather

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