Can't survive in the Extreme Cold

I have a place built in the frozen North. I can no longer live there, even indoors, while wearing Vanir Fur armor. Frostbite unless I’m standing right next to a fireplace or eating spiced food every minute.

A lot of work went in to that place, if this is as intended a heads up beforehand would have been appreciated.

I tried removing the furs/putting them back on, creating a new set, bumping survival to 40+ and nothing worked.

None of the cold weather armor has more than 1 bar of survivability. I’m guessing the Frost Temple can’t be done now unless you’re stocked with Spiced food. THAT I can understand to an extent, it’s a dungeon. But inside my home (completely sheltered) and in furs and I’m getting frostbite?

Please fix this.


I think the temperature calculations don’t really work now.
I am on cold level in full vanir set just a bit south from the starmetal landing zone, so it is not even in the snowy areas inside my insulated home. Oh I have 20 point in survival so I should be good even in a bikini there.

Logen, do you have coordinates or an approximate location to test this out? I’m wondering if it’s localized to your area or across all zones of similar temperature. I’ve also noticed that the building materials don’t seem to be affecting the temperature as much as they used to as I am now always warmer than I used to be in the Oasis of Nekhet, even with the vitality perk.

There is a cave to get into the volcano just north of the frost temple, last time I was in that area (before this update) I would die of frost bite but this time I could go there naked and just be extremely cold however going into the volcano was almost instant death. naked or with croc armor and drinking lots of water made little to no difference.

Sorry Logen, I was able to get my temperature to stabilize but without knowing your exact location I wasn’t able to test in the same spot unless I did but I don’t know.

Yeah I think the cold weather armor is bugged, doesn’t offer enough protection. The only way I could survive is with full hyrkanian with a legendary shield I found that gave more cold resistance and on top of that eating a spiced food, I’d still be very cold if I didn’t eat the food with the armor AND the shield.