5 bar temperature resistance but extremely cold temp now killing me

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Europe/Uk]

Good afternoon, today I ran outside my characters base in the frozen north onto the ice lake. I have a mixture of flawless hyrkanian raider and hyena armour, my temperature resistance is at 5 bars cold. But when I get to extremely cold my character just keeps taking damage until death, this didn’t use to happen unless I reached frostbite, but with this armour cannot reach that temperature.

Armor is:
Flawless hyena skull helmet
Flawless Hyrkanian raider brigandine
Flawless hyena fur-gloves
Flawless Hyrkanian raider tasset
Flawless Hyrkanian raider boots

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Select the armour listed above
  2. Go to frozen north ice lake where you’ll reach extremely cold temp
  3. Should start taking constant damage
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Check the actual temp gauge on your hud (top left by the food/water indicators). With that armor, you should be about slightly above the coldest indicator. If not, then it is definately a bug. Also, when you drink from your pouch, it will “cool you off”, so it may be tied to a bug in that scenario as well.

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By any chance did you reset your attributes and have less in the perk that affects your resistance to temperature effects?

Good point. Your Vit has to have at least the level 2 perk i believe. 1 is underwater breath, then 2 for the temp perk. 3 is regen.

You can drink berry juice last I used it didn’t cool you down. Highlands berry or desert not sure. Good luck


Your Survival stat also affects how well you can withstand the harsher areas, but I’m unsure to what degree.

I’ve read this, but I don’t find it to be true. Instead, it feels like higher survival just slows down your thirst and hunger meters. That fact that the first survival perk affects what you can safely eat seems to support this.

Yeah, as far as I know, the only thing the Survival stat itself does for you is affect how quickly you get hungry or thirsty.

The perks are questionable as well, so I’ve never felt a need to put anything into it personally.

The level 40 perk is kinda great, because it makes you immune to all DoTs. But it’s rarely worth it to pick up because it’s so deep in the tree

Thanks for the replies guys. I took off all my armour just now and the white bar in the temp gauge completely depleted and frostbite started doing damage.
Then put all my armour on, with full armor and the temp gauge not fully depleted (plus 20 vitality points for temp resistances) I still take damage so it’s probably a bug, also have 20 survival if that does anything.

Unless Funcom have changed it and both frosbite and extremely cold statuses do damage now, instead of just frostbite. First all of my thralls died at dead the same time because I weren’t aware of the new hunger mechanics, now I’m dying from cold haha gonna go live back in the desert at this rate.

If i am not mistaken, the 20 perk only reduces the effect, but it will still damage you, just at a lesser rate. the level 30 regen kind of fights it, so you do lose damage, but it takes forever so it is almost like no damage (at one time before it was patched, level 30 made it not move at all. you would take damage, then regen it immediately. Only effects extreme weather had was on food/potion heals).

tough luck they finally fixed the game. play ARK, you can make space suits and scuba gear that really work… what do you think? people live in the open at the poles? or in volcanoes?

Have some fire water to warm you up.

Just as an FYI, I am not sure if the OP is just in Flawless gear or flawless epic gear, but it does make a difference. Some areas are -extremely- cold (one of those places being on the the Frozen lake (I believe being above/in any water cools you down regardless of location, and it would stack with it being in a cold location to begin with.)

I know for myself that even with exceptional base gear, I was getting extremely cold still. Then I found myself a T4 Nord thrall, made some flawless -epic- which has a higher cold resist than just regular flawless, and went to test it. Coldest I got was in fact cold rather than extremely cold/frostbite.



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