Frostbite after patch?

I was up north with silent legion armor and had frostbite. Killed me before patch but today I was able to just run around with frostbite and no effects from it.

it depend if you have the 2d perk in vitality cause that reduces the damage heatstroke and frostbite do

When I tested it, 2nd perk didn’t affect the damage done, just secondary effects like addition hunger/thirst.

the 2nd perk in vitality say that temperature effects are diminished so if it is affecting hunger and thirst for you @Wintervoid that is a bug

I have noticed that when taking damage from Extremely Cold or Frostbite, it doesnt acutally show that you take damage untill the effect changes to e.g. very cold - which then shows a big bite taken from your HP.

Unless they changed it, Silent Legion defends against heat, and not cold. Great for the desert, not so grand in the tundra

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Yesterday I died in seconds after I stood talking to another PVPér strangly when I proceeded with my journey to the mountain top it became extreme cold within 20 seconds it took a large bite of my vitality left over with 3% of the total (Vitality with 32 points) armor Flawless Kambujan Shaman. Had no time to even light a torch and died.

The cold system does not work properly imo.

Silent Legion makes you colder. With that and a weapon or shield with heat protection, you can actually be Cold or Very Cold in the desert.

Frostbite damage is affected by armor value. With 25% damage reduction, it deals 3 damage per tick. With 75%, it deals 1 damage per tick. Fierce Vitality will heal you faster than frostbite can damage you in both cases, making it negligible.

Also there’s a bug with dancer healing that can add a semi-permanent passive regeneration to you, which would also render the damage from frostbite negligible.

Here are a couple screenshots showing just how weak frostbite is. It can’t hurt me even while only wearing a pair of gloves or the full legion set.

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This. Is. Amazing. :rofl: