Extremely Cold Temperature Question

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Question as it didn’t always do this. Why does Extremely cold damage as much as Frostbite? What is the purpose of Frostbite now? Before Frostbite was the only cold condition that damaged and now Extremely Cold does as well . Why did they decide to change it ? As of now it is just Frostbite under a different name as it is just the same.

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Unless moved to a corrupted attribute, the Ignore Temp Effects is gone now, so that is why Extremely Cold damages.

Extremely cold used to be concussion effects harsher and hunger more than the cold levels before it, but NOT damage you until Frostbite. Not sure why we need two Frostbites.

No, extremely cold damaged all the time, it was just a tiny bit slower than Frostbite and staying in extremely cold for a long time could trigger getting Frostbite on top of it.
And yea the perk from vitality Impervious was that diminished the effects, so probably you always had that active?

You are mistaken and I mean that respectfully. There was a time, not too long ago, when temperature was introduced that the only damage debuffs for hot or cold were the highest ones, Heatstroke and Frostbite . Not sure when they decided to change it. Not a good change in that it should just not clone Frostbite. Each level was supposed to do something specific, but I guess that went away when they “fixed” weather gear for extreme temperatures.

Now that gear is tied to specific thrall crafters for temp levels to be improved on gear, but that is another issue that I have brought up before.

I am glad that weather is effective (need more weather effects and consequences) , I just don’t like the weather levels to be clones of each other on the same level (hot vs cold).

I remember when they introduced the temperature system (and to be fair I much preferred that more “dangerous” version where you died in the desert if you didn’t bring cooling supplies or froze in the north without spicy food and hot drinks).

However I was saying this based on what I experienced just last week. I went to get Black Ice on a full Encumbrance build without any vitality points and in the royal armor which does not have any temperature protection and I was taking slow ticking damage in “Extremely Cold” without having Frostbite on me. After taking that damage for about 20 seconds though I got the Frostbite debuff on me and had to get the hell out of there cuz that one was much faster.
So, if indeed you’re correct and it’s a bug, then it was there before as well since this happened on 2.8

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Not sure if its a bu. Its just like damage was just tacked on to Extremely Cold.

I like the change!!! Same happens with extremelly hot also . Makes map more challenging!! Also makes one need to be prepared before venturing in extreme weather areas (frost biome, volcano) .

But i believe this occurs not because of changes in temp system, but because the perk that diminishes harsh weather effects in vitality is not active anymore (its gone…) …

I think everyone is misunderstanding me. I don’t care about the damage. What I do care about is the last two temperature levels being exactly the same with a different name. Maybe give Extremely Cold (or and/or Hot) or Frostbite (and/or Heatstroke) another or additional status debuffs. Just don’t make them the same.

indeed i understood wrong (and sry for that). tbh i am ok with the name. it does not matters to me

I just thought of one they could do. They could make it so you get a health bar damage similar to corruption if you reach Frostbite that use be healed with a cureall potion (maybe later a high end sorcery spell or hallowed item from religion) and Heatstroke you would get a similar debuff to your stamina and need a stamina potion to remove it.

How long ago are you talking? I can assure you with absolute confidence that Extreme Hot/Cold have inflicted damage for a very long time.

I have a faint memory that that may not have always been the case, but we’re talking several years ago by that point.

I wrote the article on temperature for the wiki on 7 of January, 2020. At that time, Extreme was 4 per second, and highest was 15 per 2 seconds. Extreme has never at any point not caused damaged since then.

Temperature damage was actually fairly mild back then, especially with Impervious. These values were later increased, both Extreme and the highest levels inflicted much more damage, though I am not certain of the exact values as I only kept record of the descriptions given in the Status window, which stopped listing the numbers.

As of 3.0, I have tested the numbers and they are currently Extreme doing 12 per second, and highest doing 24 per second.

And I posted about the issue presented by this OP. Temperature statuses feeling as space holders with cloned debuff effects.

I think you remember wrong!
I am sure you remember wrong!
Extremely cold and extremely hot was causing damage!
Frostbite and heatstroke more and very aggressive actually!
It’s the same now, nothing changed! I speak for ps4!

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After performing a bunch of tests today, I have found that you are actually complaining about the wrong things. You can see my test results on this table -

As you can see, the real issue is that Hot and Very Hot are identical, and Cold and Very Cold are identical.

Extremely Hot, Extremely Cold, Heatstroke, and Frostbite are all unique.


Too many players passed too long on their gaming on lvl 60. Wearing the best, having the correct attributes so they “won’t feel”. Lvl 60, Milion times said makes you “soft”.
People should restart from times to times to remember how they get there and to feel the agony of the game more.
@Sairdontis remembers wrong, period!

So sorry I do forget we have players who are new to the game still and don’t remember past systems it seems. “Remembers wrong”, rude and incorrect, period.

Extreme temperatures have caused damage for at least the past two and a half years, though likely much longer.

Ok, and…what does Frostbite/Heatstroke do ? Now do you see the point? In case it is still not clear and to make sure it is a solid as possible: Frostbite and Heatstroke do the exactly the same thing as Extremely c/h just maybe a bit more damage. I checked and the amount difference doesn’t really seem to be worth another level on the gauge .

The issue is Frostbite and Heatstroke were supposed to be the most severe and the ones to avoid the most . They are like clones of the “extremely” levels .

Well, if I could redesign the system, I would remove damage from from Extreme temperatures. People don’t really fall over dead in a few minutes from merely being hot or cold when it has not yet reached the point of hyper/hypothermia.

I would also make each stage more meaningful, and add a difference between the end states. Heat makes everything you do more exhausting, while cold makes it harder to move and is slightly more lethal.

So, I would make it this way:

Heatstroke: Thirst rate +50%, Stamina cost +100%, -10 health /s
Extremely Hot: Thirst rate +33%, Stamina cost +50%
Very Hot: Thirst rate +25%
Hot: Thirst rate +10%
Cold: Hunger rate +10%
Very Cold: Hunger rate +25%
Extremely Cold: Hunger rate +33%, Stamina regen -25%
Frostbite: Hunger rate +50%, Stamina regen -50%, -12 health /s