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Question on the +100% Stamina Cost. You want all use of stamina to sprint, attack, etc to be doubled when under these conditions, not that you lose 100% Stamina and walk around slow never regaining stamina. Do have this correct?

Yes, stamina cost +100% means every action that takes stamina would take twice as much as normal. An attack that costs 10 stamina would cost 20 while suffering from Heatstroke.

Stamina regen is how much you gain per tick. -50% means if you would normally gain 20 stamina per tick, you only get 10 while suffering from Frostbite.

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Gotcha, just wanted to be sure. Thank you for clearing that up and I like your ideas for the temperature system.

But you are, I am sorry!

Depends on the person, on what temperature they start dying. There is wiggle room between meaningful impaired and will be lethal and that varies from patient to patient. Also, within the big tent that is humanity we have extreme diversity in environmental optimization features.
If we want to talk “real world” then perhaps one’s ethnic background chosen at character creation could impact what temperature is the soothing baseline.
But that is also probably overly complicated.

In the past, this one always ran to the temperature and raw meat perks. Those are greatly missed.
But even on those few builds where they were not taken, this one had the vigor for passive regeneration so lower grades of damage were barely noticed.

The current system has befouled utterly one of the ways in which this one did PvP. Being a low/no gear build is just not an option for bolt holes in inhospitable terrain. Because no stat really improves resistance to environmental issues (reduces hunger and thirst come the closest) there is no “stat tax” to avoid the gear tax for being active in certain places, thus making them no longer good redoubt options.

Then there is the matter of climbing and how one does not benefit from weapon or shield while doing so. And how that interacts with taking damage and weight carried/worn.

Forget the fact that armour does not (at least on Sony Platforms) accurately display it’s temperature resistance until worn, it simply isn’t enough in some places. This one still needs to experiment with Godbreaker and Champion, but baseline Silent Legion is not enough to get to some of this one’s favourite old bolt holes.

The map has gotten significantly smaller in some respects

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Agreed, weather damage while climbing does limit base options in some areas at least if not already highly geared for the area. Gone are the days of Vanir basic getting you to all but the high mountain rims. One would think that armor making with fur would insolate you more properly even if not the epic version of it.

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It’s a great time to add some bear or wolf hide armours with superior cold resist to the game.
Wolf fur could be light and have excellent cold resistance but pay for it by being armour stat wise questionable.
Bear hide could be warm and heavy, but far weightier than is optimal.

And give a use for those particular hides that really have no reason to be in the game when we already have hide and heavy hide as generic options…


Would be very nice to have skins type matter and fur thickness on warmth.

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Fibre (Flax/Cotton) and Silk for hot weather gear, Furs and Hides for Cold protection.

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Wasn’t that similar to how they used to have the armors set up at one time ? Seems to make since that it would make since to work that way. I do know many did complain about high cold resistant gear over heating you if you came into a warm to hot building and the same for heat resistance in cold areas.

At the ends of the spectrum though if I was in Sahara Desert and was wearing fur lined clothing I might be a bit warm and if I was wearing a shirt made of silk in the artic I might be having some issues.

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The problem really boiled down to people freezing to death on Noob river.
Fun fact, if being nekkid doesn’t freeze one to death, no clothing without modern tech or dark magic is going to.
The temperature mechanic under the hood was mildly problematic because it scaled two directions and treated Aquilonian armour like some sort of portable refrigerator. Mind you, magical armours like Chilled Godbreaker make sense as possible ways to freeze to death. It’s magically cold. If the ambiant temperature isn’t counter acting it, you might as well be in a mobile meat freezer.

While this one strongly agrees that wearing too much insulation in hot weather will kill (the Heat of Battle killed many a European warrior in a kit that was great for England, but less so for the Levant), the idea that wearing silks in an already comfortable area will lead to frostbite is more absurd than handwaving the perils of a snow coat in Death Valley.


But with the gear used as resistance, it may merit improvement of that resistance trait, addition of new gear with better temperature resistance in one direction or the other, or the addition of some magical gear that has a warming up or cooling down effect built in.
Some piece of legendary kit to make those worthwhile.

Edit: Also, this one very much likes the idea that Elder Vault gear has basically no temperature resistance. Not just from a balance point of view, but also noting these entities did not clothe themselves to protect from elements, merely to go to war.
If the Seprentmen knew the first thing about HVAC, they would have never had to spoiler things up in Siptah.

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Ah! So my conclusion based on how it “felt” was quite accurate, I did notice the damage rate was considerably different between extremely cold and frostbite :slight_smile:

I need to correct myself, that table I posted above was incorrect. Not in a way that changes any of my points, but I thought “Thirst/Hunger rate increased slightly” was 33%. It is not, it is 50%. I made this mistake because I had the Survivalist perk from Expertise while performing the tests (which, I should note, is supposed to cause “hunger and thirst deplete 33% slower,” but is actually 50%).

I personally don’t consider +50% to be “increased slightly” though, and still think my suggested temperature effects as I wrote them would be more appropriate.

Very well put. Many armors would not really help much in the realm of heat or cold protection, however some materials would indeed work one way or the other, though not necessarily cause harm. Example, Silk would help to keep you cool, but would cause you to freeze to death . The same would to some extent be true of Fur unless in the very hottest areas.

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