New Pictish Armor has Wrong Temp Stats

It makes very little sense running around in thick furs that …protect me from heat.

This armor should have had cold resist, not heat resist. Its fairly obvious.

There are already a lot of Armors which protect you from cold. There is clearly a need for Armors that protect you from heat so i think it’s intended that the pictish ones protect you from heat.

Anyone mind sharing some details on the new armor for us poor console folk?

Ie - what attributes each weight provides?


it is intended but it doesn’t make any sense

heavy - strength
medium - survival
light - presicion

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Hmmm survival armour could be handy

It’s apparently intentional (didn’t Tascha post something to that effect somewhere?).

Don’t look for in-game logic in these things, it’s probably not the deciding factor: Balance and variation are more important. It’s a consequence of “heat protection” being a pretty difficult thing to build with an aesthetic that matches Conan Exiles, particularly if you want it to be “heavy” armor, too. “Cooling” and “heavy” aren’t really logically compatible, unless you add magic into the mix.

Same reason you can run around with ridiculous amounts of exposed skin, and yet have high cold protection.

@Zerog That’s what silent legion armor is for

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Kinda like the hyborian armor gives cold resists, couple of straps and a loin cloth go figure

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