Cold Resistance Armor

There have been plenty of posts about what is the best cold resistant armor in Conan Exiles, but I haven’t seen anything since the Siptah update.

Looking through all the recipes since, I can’t find a single type of armor that has anything but a single bar of cold resistance. Is this a bug? I know the legendary reptile armor provided great protection against cold, but I see no more than one bar of resistance.

What gives?

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Hi and welcom here
Since an update there have been changes concerning armor with, such as, the removal of exceptional and faultless arumre.
The armor of the champion and redeemed Legion offers to my knowledge the best temperature protection, Then certain armor are available according to the dlc. you can also use weapon, shield and specific legendary armor piece.
More info here on the wiki if you want to avoid in-game re-learning


For some reason all armour’s only show one bar of heat and cold, on the inventory screen.

To see an armours true resists you need to equip the armour then look on the Character stats screen.


Like the fellow exiles said perfectly above, all the armors provide both heat and cold resistance. If you wear an epic set it gives more. If your epic set is fixed from a named armorer, even better. Like @GullTopp I use the redeemed silent legion set with executioners hood and I go literally everywhere. Armor pieces like dragonscale helmet are really op to the temperature issue now and very necessary because wearing this with any set you wish you go again everywhere. If you are low level, try to take the cooking recipes if the game, muled brew is very handy in extremely cold areas and ice is always a must in volcano.

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Ya you can`t go by the bars most the time they not accurate. get the impervious to temp attribute then get the redeemed Legion armor. Then your set up for cold and hot. You can go anywhere in the north, frost cave or volcano. Get the feat for the armor in the dungeon at the end of ice bridge. Careful or you will die in there and lose all your stuff.


Very good tip the last one. You know, we have forgotten how difficult this dungeon was, now I run it in less than a minute if I just want the recipe, the loading screens entering and exiting (ps4) are longer than the dungeon. Another tip is to kill the skeletons before you enter, these fellows will wait for you outside the door killing you on your loading screen if you won’t kill them.

Such a PITA to craft tho - and IMO it looks like a$$… and not the good kind either. :smiley: I like to use those shields myself. There’s one for Hot and One for cold.

If one specifically needs to resist cold, there is also a single handed sword that has, as near as this one can tell, a guaranteed drop from a 1 skull undead in the “Southern Aqueduct” just north of the Unnamed City.

However, in the past couple of years one has found a shift in how well armour/clothes insulate.
Altho the cold protection has diminished, one will no longer die of heatstroke on noob river for wearing Vanir clothes.


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