How can I resist cold?

Besides the Vanir and Cimmeria armor, what other armors offer protection from the cold now?

endgame stuff excluded

Vanir and Hyrkanian
cimmerian never was and still is not particularly well insulated against cold

are only these two good?

no, as mentioned, there are eldarium and legendary armors that have superior protective properties
but from regular/epic armors, those four sets are only with extra cold insulation

I find I am fine with a Ymir legendary shield and Eye of the Watcher legendary sword equipped. In case of extreme cold I add a legendary helmet that offers cold protection too. It looks like a crocodile skin helmet, forget the name sorry. With those equipped I can wear any armour I like. Other than that if you take silver coins over to Pirate Cove you can buy some spicy fish dish, it doesn’t decay so it’s great to use when roaming in the snow. You buy this where the pets are kept in cages.

Dragonscale Helm that drops from Unnamed City bosses has great cold protection. Also Solspeil shield from skeleton key chests.

Ah yes that’s it! Thank you ! Lol

So to protect myself from the cold I can only craft those 2 armor or cook specific foods ??? How sad…

Well there are other things. I just spoke of my preferences. There are multiple ways to warm yourself. For example, carrying a fire torch will affect your temperature. But you have to combine options to explore what works for you.

Try looking up temperature effects in the Conan exiles wiki. You might get some further insight in this research. Have you tried You Tube videos? There are so many videos there that provide insight.

I found only old material moreover I’m looking only for craftable clothing…

Ok then, In terms of crafting please jump on the Conan Exiles wiki and look up temperature. There is a table there that lists all the craftable clothing that will offer cold resistance when worn. Mind you, even with the clothing, you will still need extras, like food etc. try and get your hands on the eye of the watcher sword. This will help with cold. But yeah, read the wiki!

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Aside from armor, food and drinks there is a shield Solspeil that has like 4 bars or 5 bars which you can get out of legendary boxes at random

You’ll have to balance the weight of armor and overall location. I have enough encumbrance to carry two epic armor sets.

*Make spice food - needs a cookstove and grinder that you grind up fiber to make spice
*make armor that is made for cold - some has more protection that others. An armorer III or a named armorer will give the best . Heavy cold armor includes Guardian, Hyrkanian Raider, Khitan Imperial, Turanian Phalanx, Vanir Heavy,
*Use a special piece of equipment such as Soulspiel sheild, or Norhiemer helmet

Different armors give different perks such as vitality, strength or accuracy. So you need to do a little research and make yourself a chart

And a torch.

My early tactics is the sword mentioned above with the torch, plus spicy food found in the UC chests (you can loot them without fighting).
Or if you are freezing way up north just bring some wood and then collect stones to build a foundation and a wall and put some bracketed torch on it.

Armours crafted by higher tier armourers have better insulation perks.
This is kind of hard to see because the interface (those little blue and orange bars) is rounding down harshly.

it will depend on your level , but at level 60 , you can make better insulated armors than the normal ones
( by crafting their exiles epic versions )
In the food section , anything spicy + any alchool
in the legendaries section , the (vanir looking) helm from uc , the solspeil shield from world bosses chests , the blade of the watcher from the watcher, the godbreaker armor ( craftable* ) , the arena champion armor ( craftable* ) *from the warmaker dungeon
in the others section : a torch , a campfire with wood for emergencies , there is a potion ( don’t remember the name right now ) that cools you if you are hot and vice versa , getting hit by a “burning legendary afix” :stuck_out_tongue: and i can’ think of more atm :wink:

I think i will try to get champion armor. It should be good with cold and hot climate.

Ale and wine cools you down!