What kind of armour to face cold?

Hey friends, what kind of armour I need to have in order to face the cool at north?

I like Zamorian thief. Preferably exceptional or perfected versions. It keeps you warm and has a high irony factor. Just like freezing in heavy Pictish. :joy:

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It`s strange. There are armours below my level (I am level 36), which are unavailable to me, despite I have all the pre-requisites to them.

I can’t figure it out what’s happening. I can’t unblock them at talents screen, due to that. And so I am unable to face the cold at north. :frowning:


Maybe you’ve spent all your feat points? Try Yellow Lotus.

So, no, I have enough feat points. I do not know what is happening.

Are they with a green arrow in Feats? If so then it’s paid content from DLC. But you can get some cold-resist armor as a loot in the New Asagarth. It’s not cold there so you can go hunting in your favorite armor. And later on try to get some Cimmerian armor in the Mounds of Dead. It’s cold there but you’ll have Vanir armor to keep you relatively warm and will get Cimmerian Steel with +5 Vitality for your Thrall.

These are probably armors from a DLC

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