Too cold at night in the north to be out in the open?

Not sure as been a while since I played but I am wearing fur armor but it gets extremely cold even with that and I also tried food that warm me up but it gets to extreme cold still. Is the night too cold to be out in the open?

Vanir or hyena level 40+ with 2 frost symbols maybe

If you’re using pictish armor, it has heat resistance, I know, that doesn’t make sense, but all pictish armor are heat resistance. You have marks on every armor, if the marks are orange, they give you heat protection, if they are blue, they give you cold resistance.

Yes it is too cold if you do not have a “Full Shelter” buff. Epic armor (lvl 60) gives more protection. But wait for tomorrow update; there will be a temperature protection overhaul so something may change.

That’s the problem I was wearing vanir and it basically was as if I was wearing nothing.

at least yo got the ding for being in the cold.
We only use the DLC armor. Seems to work a tad better than the vanilla armor

Non-epic armor does no protect you from extreme temperatures.

On the Southern aqueduct there is a silent legion warrior named The Man on the Wall, and he has a 1H sword which grants you some cold protection. With that and spiced food and the vanir set you are able to maintain your temperature above extremely cold in almost every areas (except for the Bridge of the Betrayer and the Frost temple).

Also, slay the pirates they have a feat called Pirate cuisine, which teaches you to cook better warming food. It requires rare spices, but every pirate has a handful in their pockets.

And sadly time of the day does not effect the temperature, but it would be cool though.

ok tks guys. Looks like I went to the coldest area. I was at the bridge so will move away from there then. Yes it would be nice. I am a Canadian and in winter night are always colder then the day.

You could also try using a regular torch, this will give you an additional tick of cold resistance, the warming foods you spoke of, there’s also warming brews. At very least don’t drink water as it has a cooling effect, gather the highland berries instead for hydration as they do not have a cooling effect. One other thing that might help is that there is a skeleton up on the southern aqueduct, use the stairs that go out the NE side of the city. Just try to cheese that guy and get his sword. He drops a legendary sword that gives 3 tick cold protection. That might help you survive the north until you’re able to craft exile epic 2 tick cold armor, but your bigger problem is going to be the wild life, seems to me like the bleed and cripple effects got turned up a notch so them cats and dogs are gonna get ya.

Oh and don’t use the glowing sticks you learn from The Dregs, as they give 1 tick heat resistance which is in effect a cooling effect which will make you colder in the north.

If you drink water while you are cold or below, it won’t cool you down.

It does on Xbox

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