Thermal protection

hello, i didnt play for 2-3 years and i see thermal protection now works different. as i found, only yamatai armor have +2 heat protection per piece and i didnt found any armor which give +2 cold.

how it works now? i saw something about “better thrall make better thermal protection now”, but i tested it in singleplayer and didnt saw any difference (in thermal protection) between t1 and t4 armorer

what armor i need now to go into snowy location or volcano?


I am quite new player (about 100 hours) so probably not in deepth answer but I was quite puzzled by identifying correctly which armor protects me from what. You can check on the wiki Armor but for me it is not clear until you equip it and see your stat. But in general Vanir and fur base armor are good for cold. You can also use spicy food. I have not seen any thermal protection difference from thrall. I use medium Vanir to farm star metal.

From what I understood, before a high cold protection could make you warm in an normal environment but they are now just protecting you from environment and not warming/cooling you (to be confirmed).

When I go to the volcano, I use silent legion.

thank you

so, if i want walk without food or drinks in volcano, only option is yamatai or silent legion? dont understand why only yamatai of all dlcs give me enough, maybe i missed something

Almost everything is on the wiki if not there are videos online, most are outdated and alot of the stuff on wiki is outdated but the most helpful resource relating to this questions is if you go on the conan wiki and type in temperature :slight_smile:

I am sure there are many other options but I did not made extensive tries. As stated, survival stat also plays a role. To give an idea, those are my stats with different sets:

Naked (I have 10 survival points):


Vanir heavy:

Silent legion:

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wow survival seems to affect it a lot, when i played last time it was not so useful stat owo
now i understand how to survive normally, thank you

also i check it in singleplayer, armorer thrall really affect thermal protection

Good to know! For info in the examples I gave my armors are made with a Shieldwright Thrall.

survival seems to be more important, you without armor have more thermal protection than me in armor with 0 survival >w>

Mmmmh apologize for that. I was not aware that my personal stats were influenced by my surrounding (although it is probably indeed more simple to program, it is tricky to display an environment dependent stat).

Here are the updated values (I made sure I was without any shelter). Naked:

Aquilonean Epic:

Vanir Heavy (I do not think I made this one with a named thrall)

Silent legion:

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