Armor temperature protection is a joke, isnt it?

its +4 cold. in the frost temple you still have spots you can get extreme but not frostbite. +5 is the epic version and protects you everywhere including the bridge of the betrayer.

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console users don’t see + or -'s
We just see “extreme cold” and frost bite" few other terms “cold” and “very cold”
All we see is 5 bars of cold resist in status screen, and enjoying frost bite was we make the way to Frost Giant. XD

Yeah those bars you see is where the + comes from. I dont think PC sees +4 cold resistance. We see 4 blue bars so we call it +4.

Saw few videos other day, and on screen was showing +1, +2 So mustve been older build.

could have been, or maybe Ive just never noticed haha. I dont look at any screen but the status for equipment specs. Every other screen is a lie :stuck_out_tongue: I think khitan shows 1 maybe 2 blue bars in the description.

If you were not aware, you can stop by npc camps on your way north like the Mounds and kill thralls for spiced foods if you cannot make it yourself. the extra heat will protect you. Also perk 2 of vitality will make it easier for u to survive if your level is too low for perk 3.

Varnir + Khitan + food + torch = frostbite in few spot in there. Its basically set tunnels and spot that do it on ps4. (not sure if pc is same) Is what we had on.
We basiclly just rushed thru. Alot easier that way. (Boss room and Forge are sheltered)

We did it before lv60, cause…whats point of exp from journal step. XD

We stop before Boss, to heal up and no one could cause frostbite kept canceling it, so we had down healing wraps counter thru it. ( I think its that way to prevent you from luring him into hallway maybe.

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