Turan DLC - armours cold resistant really?

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not a bug

But i think bit strange again.
Mostly i didn’t rant about the choice of the different armours if they was heat- or cold resistant. But now we got the new DLC, great and beautiful work, by the way.

But i was surprised to see that the armour coming with a real desert look, are once more cold-resistent. Building elements are made with bricks, and looks like i would fit better in hotter areas of course. Also Turan culture looks more like persian to most. So again, bit hard stay in hot area with armours all made for the cold regions. :pensive:

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Hey there @Vattende

We’ve received some feedback about this since the release of the DLC. Although it is intended from a design perspective, it can be counter-intuitive. We’ve sent note to our team about it.
Thanks for your feedback.


for immersive aspect, it’s better watching players with theses armors in sand than in snow.


And building elements do have heat-resist, I’ve just checked it in-game in Admin mode. Almost died on the Betrayer Bridge, was OK in the Volcano. So we have only one DLC for frost, the Khitan one, and four for hot places. By the way Turan looks good in the Volcano :smirk:


That’s what i mean. And simply look at the style.

But then, armours are very cold-resistant. What make no sens here.
I mean, i will not settle those people in the frozen north, this would look so wrong at my eyes.


What design perspective, please ?

Armours are cold resistant while buildings are hot resistant ? This make little to no sens.
Even from a lore point. Turan may not be far far south, but if you look at a Hiborian map (i know there variations of the map, but still similar area for Turan), Turan is shown in a desert area, near the Villaret Sea. There is even an area called Valley of the Sun in the nothern part of Turan.
Under Turan is the Easern Desert. While some may argue that desert are cold at night, sure, i agree with that. But it’s a game, and there is no temperature variation between day and night in CE.
I tried the armours, they’re very warm, hard to where in desert area. And the buildings are not fine in the norht, not value-wise, and not for the look.


@Ignasi Another point of frustration is that by being Cold Resist, there are now 3 sets of Medium armor with Cold Resist and +5 Strength (Khitan & Kambujan also) and 0 sets of Medium armor with Heat Resist and +5 Strength.

Likewise, this problem is repeated with the Light armors, in that there is already a Cold Resist with +5 Survival (Lemurian), but none with Heat Resist and +5 Survival.

The only one of the Turanian armors offering a combo that doesn’t currently exist elsewhere is the Heavy armor, which makes it the only Cold Resist with +5 Agility. However, there is currently no Heat Resist armor with +5 Accuracy, so this could be an ideal fit for a Persian-themed culture.

And yes, I’m in agreement with the others that it would be nice to have a Persian-style palace in the desert and be able to wear a complimentary suit of armor without suffering temperature damage for it. :slight_smile:

Hope this feedback helps.


Same weird thing with the pictish armors, heat resistant… really… with all that fur


Very true, this is added to the bummer.

While i love the look of these new armours, i know i will barely wear them in most area.
They simply to warm and can only be worn in cold area. Buildings elements are for the hot.
So problem here.

And like said, there are still many cold-resistant now, still with same values. This make little to no sens to me, really !

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why dont just swap pict and turan armor resist?

*also maybe let pict work in winter areas if they dont work there

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Like said, in the Turan dlc buildings elements are heat-resistant, while armours are cold resistant, this is an inconstancy.

This at first. Then of course, swapping would resolve one problem here, not sure if it would please all. But the building part would remain.
At my opinion, should be or cold or heat, but not all two. Then again, Turan looks more like desert, and hot area to me, and i think for most people. So cold resistance make no sens here.


Thanks for the heads-up! I was building with it yesterday and thought I was imagining things at first. :smiley:

This is not to be contrarian, @Vattende, but it kind of makes sense to me. This style makes me feel like a Seljuk Turk, a people at home in the desert and the heat, as well as the steppes and even tundra. My only frame of reference to these migratory Turks is the indigenous of North America, who would (and do) typically only wear tribal garb when out of their tribal area. This is what I’ve heard anthropology professors loosely call tribal presentation, and makes a lot of sense to me: the Turan people want to travel to the cold, but stylishly refuse to wear a snowsuit. :snowman:

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Oh, i know, lot of people will try to explain me that this and that makes sens,
But nope, this time i don’t agree. It’s my opinion, sorry.
We have khitan still doing the same stuff if you want the cold protection.

Turan look bit like Persian culture, turkish if you want in a way. It’s a fiction, so no real story behind that. The link to nothern american is your view and opinion. Again, i don’t agree fully.
We had in the past lot of different tribe, people from the stepes, skythes and more.
Still hard to place them really actually, and many controverses going on about that.
History is my rl job, so yes, and nope for the cold protection here.

Like said, it’s my opinion, free to each to have theyr own. Just it’s looks and feel wrong to me, also in game, few sens. Ever so, i don’t know where to place them. Had similar problem in the past with the Khitans.
I mean, the map is what it is. To have a proper biome for each tribe and population, we would need 10x the size, and still. :wink:

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