DLC Armor Heat/Cold Resist

So long time fan of the game and got back into it with all the updates. Beat the game for the first time on single player and just started looking into dlc and it looks really good asthetically…however i cannot pull the trigger on the them because of some things i dont think i can look past.

The Turian dlc is the one i almost got but i decided against it because i cannot wear the thin looking silks and stuff in the desert. I cannot imagine wearing these in the frozen north so i just cant see a circumstance where i can use it. The building blocks are really cool looking but not built for the same climate as the armor. Weird stuff.

Anyway, just pointing out what is preventing me from pulling the trigger on dlc as it stands. I’m sure funcom gets a million suggestions but one i could recommend is releasing hot/cold alterations of each armor. It would be a very simple release perhaps even without any aesthetic alterations…

Though if you wanted to you could do minor changes that wouldnt cost the company labor to create. Example, turian desert armor that just removes the sleeves or something. Or barbarian north armor with thick cloth beneath the normal armor so it is for frozen climate.

Something to consider, love you guys and keep up the awesome work!

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