Remove cold and heat resists from armor

ok i understand they want you to do the joke of survaval aspect which is really a joke by end game.

but for the love of god don’t link heat and cold resist to my armor. i mean i paid real money for the dlc just for the look of some of the armor and items just to realize i can’t even wear them because of the stupid mechanic
I mean i love the kitarian imperial armor but if i go anywhere near the dessert i die same thing with the other armors. if there going to try and make money selling cosmetics then you should be able to actually were said cosmetics anywhere you want otherwise why waste the money buying them.


I dont agree to this… but… for dlc? Hmmm… You might actually have a point.
It sure does ruin immersion. I’m keen on getting Aquilonian DLC. That means I’ll probably need to kiss the north goodbye :frowning:

If it was any armour in the game i’d be cool with it. But yeah. Paid armours… You got me thinking now. I don’t know if your proposal is the best solution. But, I don’t know if it should remain as is either.

I mean, I surely have a solution too ofc, but, my solution would probably have a funcom artist want to slap me for making it as a suggestion :smiley:

Hot and Cold versions. Viola. lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Armour for the cold could have parts of it taken off (like fur, or entire parts covering body making them more open like the Hyperboreian Armour or something), and armours for heat can have just like animal capes added and a generic fur shirt under the armour.

Would be a lot of work than just dropping the hot and cold idea from DLC armours. But, would keep immersion I think. Its not like historical races also didn’t have variants of their armours which were just slapping on some extra fur. Not like they had summer all year round. Well, except for Vikings and Desert Tribes (being the extremes I guess as examples). Idk… scratch my proposal guys, I don’t want to be the hated “entitled snowflake” first month of joining the forum… I’ll give it time first :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to see the ability to add cold or heat resistance to any armor. It would be an armor upgrade much like the weapon upgrades available now. There could be different levels of these upgrades all the way to legendary that would give you the double resistance attribute.


That could be nice.
Possibly even as a form of enchanting. I don’t want much magic tbh in my Hyborian Adventures, it should be very limited. But enchantments could be a cool way to add depth to the game and perhaps even more RolePlay content and what not that adds to the story of the lands?

For example, the Silent Legion Armour. Going realistically for it, that thing should boil our brains out. Instead, its like it is imbued with the soul of the dead, making it cold to the touch I assume. A nice touch overall (no pun intended).

We could have similar enchantments that can allow for armours to change properties. Perhaps even go as far as later switching a few of the attributes they offer as well.

Would make more sense than adding a crafted armour upgrade. No visual representation for said upgrade will still look weird if we are going on the path of immersion.

Enchantments can also on the other hand get rid of the hassle of adding variants to armour and more work for the art department (god knows when something like that could be added for example)

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no need to enchant just allow players to choose on heat or cold resist or make 2 of each armor looks 1 cold and 1 heat. simple not hassle no issues. the rest stays the same. same stats same look just different choice in temp resist

Should just consolidate heat and cold resist into temperature resistance. Not like the appearance of current armors matches up to their thermal insulation anyway.

Temperature Resistance: 1 self explanatory stat to rule them all, based on tier and quality.

This way geographical progression is streamlined, and you don’t have to take 2 different suits of armor when progressing between the frozen north and the scorching volcano, or traveling by Maproom.

Furthermore, it is easier to synchronize progression between geography and armor based on tier.

Things that look like light heat resist should be lower to medium level. Cold resist should be medium to high level and high heat resist should be high level, which coincides with lost legion.

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the temperature system used to confuse me…

Like, when I see an icicle icon on the armor piece, does it say the armor itself is cool, therefore it can withstand heat? Does it resist cold, therefore it’s hot? Or is the ice icon on the armor ice resistance?

Just streamline it.

Only diverge mutually exclusive stats if you plan to combine them. (+3 heat resist and +2 cold resist on Turanian scout armor for instance)

You don’t have 2 flavors of strength. Why have 2 flavors of the same stat: Temperature?

The way I see it is that we should be able to use what ever high end bar (star metal, black ice, hardened steel…) to dictate the type of resistance the armor has. This would allow the player to choose the look and stats they want without having to worry about the type of environmental resistance the armor has. Really, the difference between the time it takes to get these different bars is relatively the same or similar.

Come on lets be able to wear the armor we like no matter what environment we find our characters in.

A heat/cold resistance armor pack could be a thing, but it should be one that requires more skill points spent, as in, it should come alongside one of the already existing armor pack unlocks.

While I think heat/cold resistance are ok as a stat, there are things to improve.

  1. The UI is kind of unclear whether armor is actually heat or cold resistant. There are two icons but no explanation to them. I always forget whether snowflake icon means that it is cold resistant or if it actually makes wearer colder. I wish this was clearer…

  2. The temperature icon is sort of unclear too. Why does it have two colors at the same time?? Just make it turn red when it is hot and blue when it is cold. Cant be too hard to implement. Instead it is both and you have to watch this very thin line move up and down… I understand the line for those who have colorblindness, but there is no reason for the icon to have both colors at same time.

  3. Why in the name of Robert E. Howards sacred loincloth is Pict DLC armor heat resistant???
    The armor is almost entirely covered in FUR! This doesnt make any kind of sense. It is the only DLC armor I like and I cant use it in the north. This sucks.

I agree with others in that heat/cold resistance should be somehow separated from the armor’s looks so players could wear armor they like, regardless of biome.

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