Armor Temp Effects

My Brain is flowing right now…so bare with me :slight_smile:

I have seem complaints, or annoyances, that armor doesn’t make logical sense with weather effects.

I have a solution.
Use Leather, witch fire dust, coal, ice, and obsidian and thick leather.

All armor should be made as neutral.

To upgrade it (permanently) you must add leather that has been worked with special ingredients.
Tiered Thralls reduce costs/time as usual.

'+ 1 Heat Resistance (think Nike mesh linings for summer athletes)
20 leather + 20 Ice = 1 Breathable Lining
'+2 Heat Resistance
20 Leather + 5 Witch Powders + 10 Ice = Witch Ice Lining

'+1 Cold Resistance (Think of the internal lining of leather jackets, etc.)
20 Thick Leather + 10 Coal = 1 Thick Lining
'+ 2 Cold Resistance
20 Thick Leather + 5 Coal + 10 Obsidian = 1 Obsidian Lining

Obviously, the numbers would need tweaking for balance, but i think everyone gets the idea. This would explain the weird temp stats, and also allow for a wider range of looks.


This is needed, along with various mods to adjust their bonuses. Basically they need to let the armor be aesthetics, and we build out the stats/bonuses ourselves.

cold resistance could use fur instead…

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I’m agree with the bonuses choice part. It would be great to choose which bonus to add to the armor, although it will broke a little bit the grindy part. But with the weather I think that to wear a Vanir armor under the desert’s sun couldn’t be “refreshing”, and I don’t see de problem to carefully choose which armor to carry acordingly to your destination.
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Yeah as always I agree with this suggestion. It’s nothing new, and probably won’t happen, but one can always hope.

I often play with max encumbrance (hey it’s PVE, I can get away with it), but I don’t much like either of the armors offering max enc bonus. So it’s gimp myself statistically, or aesthetically, and I choose aesthetically most of the time (enc already sucks for combat, further gimping for the sake of looks is too much).

And all that so someone can supposedly feel superior by guessing that someone wearing Heavy Khitan armor is probably going to be an easy target in PVP.

Even i though i would really like them to be asthetics, if there are att bumps to an armor, i think the game is better suited with the firm way they are. Seeing what armor they are in helps when figuring their weighted build, and makes the PVP part balanced. Because if not, then every PVP META would be either Str or VIt, and Farming would be ENC. All the others would be pretty much unused.

Maybe a compromise is all armors can be made with where certyain armors have 3 assigned atts that can be used, allowing for a little flexibility.




basically, mix it up so you can have controlled choices.

That or weigh the cost of each att…
So to get certain atts you need to craft ceratain upgrades to the new temp linings.
Survival—Tier 1 mats (blood,10 Purple lotus powder)
Accuracy—Tier 1 mats(feather, 10 Purple lotus powder)
Encumbrance—Tier 2 Mats (10 Leather, 10 Black Lotus Powder)
Grit–Tier 2 mats—(5 Thick Leather, 10 Black Lotus Powder
Agility—Tier 2 mats–(10 Blood,10 Black Lotus Powder)
Strength—Tier 3 mats–(10 Silver Dust,10 Frost Lotus Poweder)
Vitaliity—Tier 3 mats—(10 Gold Dust,10 Frost Lotus Poweder)

And these are epic versions that do the +2 instead of a +1 for the normal. The normal +1, just replace all the powders with Yeloow Lotus Powder.

“cold resistance could use fur instead…”

Thought of that, but i really would like to see leather go use :slight_smile:

Weird i am replying to myself, but all we really need to be able to do is add the elixir that are in game to replace what ever the given stat is on pieces of armor. Maybe the elixir plus 10 crystals creates the armor jewel and the effect would be +1 for each, and an epic version can take 2 elixirs and 25 crystals for +2 effects for the flawless epic armor. So yo can mix and match. The durability would go down 10% when added. And cannot be stacked with the other armor upgrades. Makes you choose what you are doing with your armor.

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maybe they can put a crafting station in that turns leather into leather strips and have weapons and armor use both leather and leather strips. we have access leather but we go through a fair bit of leather. they could even add capes and cloaks that use leather…

that would be cool to see in game

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