Armor Kits for Cold and Heat

Add 6 new armor kits:

Apprentice Armorsmith
+ Simple Armor Punch Kit
Removes any cold resistance.
+ Simple Lining
Removes any heat resistance.

+ Armor Punch Kit
Removes any cold resistance and adds 1 heat resistance.
+ Lining
Removes any heat resistance and adds 1 cold resistance.

Master Armorsmith
+ Extended Armor Punch Kit
Removes any cold resistance and adds 2 heat resistance.
+ Warm Lining
Removes any heat resistance and adds 2 cold resistance.

Thank you!


In my opinion, that’s an awesome idea, Fun Com, please think about that. Those kits would bring much more possibilities into the armor management.


This is a really good idea! Turanian armor is more designed for the desert, but provides protection against frost. Yes, in general, there are a lot of things that do not correspond to the climate. Or do it: that when creating an item, add certain material. For example, if you want a thing to warm, then you collect armor + a certain amount of fur from the beast you add when crafting. Need protection against heat, add silk or something like that.


that’s a possible solution for the armor temp mismatch we currently have with some sets but at the end it’s more like a workaround. it eliminates the temp restriction for the price of removing all the other armor kits because we can only apply 1 kit per piece. if you need some specific stat values to hit perks you want you still will only have a very limited choice what you can wear and that’s not fun.


I would love this! Please make it happen! :slight_smile:


I think the idea is very good. We women would also benefit from this idea. Some clothes that are very beautiful do not always match the selected Temperatures.


Perhaps a better solution would be to have two types of padding/lining, one for heat resistance and one for cold resistance. For example, instead of Heavy Helmet Padding, you would have to choose to craft Chilled Heavy Helmet Padding or Warm Heavy Helmet Padding.


Yeah, I’ve heard this lining overhaul suggestion before, and must say I think it would be worth however much time and resources it would take to implement.

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that’s a common request as @Tephra already mentioned and I go with Tephras concerns.

it will double the number of recipes and items which is also not a really good idea with our current crafting system. to be honest: funcom should remove the whole temp system in my opinion. it’s more a pain than a really interesting game mechanic. sounds good in theory but the practice shows so many flaws and problems. the temp system was the main reason to developed fashionist. so many nice looking armor sets but only a few are usable depending on your play style and current location. that’s literally wrong and a bad game mechanic.

currently I did not have a good idea how to fix the temp system or extend it to eliminate the flaws to be honest but the current system does not work for me.


Thank you, everybody, for your likes, notes, and insights! :heart:

Like suggestions before it.

You ether add tool kits, (which I think was a game issue do to how they have it set up)

Or double down on x2 of items… and make menu more clogged. XD

I’m still waiting for cold insulated hood. Which by itself would solve so many of my fashion problems. Or maybe climbing gloves with heat and cold…

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