Add armour modifications that change Heat or cold protection

I have seen certain things that makes conan a little weird about the armour thing.

The suggestion would be that you basically add a Enviroment protection swapp mod as some armours don’t really make sense. For Instance the Zamorian armour… it looks like it’s an armour that belongs to the desert, but it protects against cold and then we have the pictish seta that seem to fit more to the northern areas due to the furr.

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This ones been bandied about a bit, just in the past week or so.

Best thing I could say about the whole affair is to strip all temperature protection from armor. Then add craftable consumables to apply to armor pieces and increase their temp protection based on the consumable. One per armor piece. Varying levels from +1 to +5.

Then you can have two sets of a favored armor and just stick cold on one and heat on the other.


Technically what I suggested. Swapping temperature protection with a Mod.

Yeah, it’s what I posted on the suggestion several days ago.

If no armor has it, you can modify it as you want. Everyone can be happy then.

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I was looking and didn’t see it. Let’s see if I find it.

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