How to fix the lack of credibility of armors and temperatures in a smart way

Hello i wanted to give a suggestion as all we know some cultural armor in the game don’t have any sense in how they work.
For istance Turan armors should not protect vs the cold.
Same for Zingarian and many other armor that comes from warm places.

So here is my fix for that.
Remove enterly the temperature system from the armors and instead implement things like scarf,cloack,fur cloack,silk layered hoods.

Let me know what do you think.


That, or give armor insulation for both: heat and cold, which makes sense and has been done before in video games.

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We have the Drag and Drop armor modify. Why not make a Fur Plating Light/Med/Hvy (Cold) and Silk

Edit As Recommended Below by @Bodin : Not to change Plating but make 2 Padding recipes of Fur and Silk. Thank you!

Plating Light/Med/Hvy (Hot). In this fashion the clothing/armor pieces can easily be mixed and matched so ridiculous things like the Flawless (Hot/Cold 2 ticks) are not making you FREEZE on a perfectly sunny day near the south river drinking Berry Juice. :rofl: or getting dizzy from heat stroke when it raining at Telith’s Lake. :rofl:

(Sure visually we can ALL agree that outfits may not LOOK like Hot or Cold gear BUT that is for us to Role Play! :wink:)

This would be a REALLY easy change to implement since the plating already exists (most peeps I know use plating) so basically change 3 recipes and add 3 new ones.

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I wouldn’t change “plating” but rather “padding.” Plating increases armor protection, whereas “padding” is required to construct the armor itself. But yes, fur and silk seem to be good options for making the type of padding desired (heat/cold resistant armors).


or you could have hot & cold type padding you can craft up and then the final armor takes the hot/cold setting from what type of padding was used to craft it. so you can make cold weather darfari or warm weather cimmerian etc

All fantastic suggestions i do think this can be fixed.

Oh I really like that idea. And if devs implemented it, they already have a boilerplate and don’t have to create from scratch.

I wish we had sheep in the Exiled Lands. Wool is a great insulator against both cold and heat.

Ooooooor the drag&drop method should kinda work just like the oils: You have silk from heat and fur for cold protection from low to high tier and they would have an expiration time. Let’s say a low tier fur padding would last for 15 minutes and grants +1 cold protection only made from fur. High tier would last for… 45 minutes and gives +3 bars of cold protection but would require layered fur. Medium tier would be 30 minutes and +2 bars, and the ingredients… something between fur and layered fur.
Note: +1 cold protection shouldn’t overwrite let’s say a +4 heat armor piece to +1 cold but would make it a +3 heat protection piece. And so on.

Pretty nice dialogue. Everyone is really easy going in this one! :smiley: Funcom does listen so hopefully they read this topic.

Being a long time player and look at things from a Hard Core Role Playing perspective I think that a temporary effect like ‘Oils’ is not the way to go. When you ‘Stitch and Glue’ your outfits together it should be conscious effort not something you just ‘Majik Effect’ slap on. If you need both Hot and Cold on your adventure then pack you bag/horse/follower accordingly. :wink: :kiss:

The more I think about it (thought about this as I played yestie)…the Padded Armor Plating would work the best. So it would actually be 6 new recipes with keeping the existing Armor Plating just as it is.

So in essence a Recap as to how it would work best while play testing the idea. I used Armor plating on a variety of Hot and Cold outfits while I was Admin building a couple of the Caravans. I drank Berry Juice and ate Exquisite Stew, and Spiced Pork for the testing.

Just Armor with No Hot/Cold…same as we have now…Neutral Armor (Like simple clipped on armor pieces) these could be converted to the Silk Versions since silk is easy to get early and offers great heat protection
Light Armor Plating
Medium Armor Plating
Thick Armor Plating

Insulated against Cold and Gives Armor
Light Fur Lined Plating/Padding
Medium Fur Lined Plating/Padding
Thick Fur Lined Plating/Padding

Insulated against Heat and Gives Armor
Light Silk Lined Plating
Medium Silk Lined Plating
Thick Silk Lined Plating

Dont over-complicate things.

Transmogrification is enough. There is even a mod, which does it exactly like that (I think Fashonista).

What does it mean? You can change how the armor looks like, but it is only a visual change. Nothing happens to the armor attributes/values.

You could do the same with weapons.

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