PLEASE FUNCOM! Do something about the DLC Skin and all armor/weapon Stat

The DLC are all weaker in counterpart to the normal game item they “copy”. Why? Armor are weaker, weapon deal less damage… You said they would be the same stat, which obviously this is not the case.

Also, for god sake, please, give us the possibility to chose which stat an weapon or armor piece will boost.You guys already have the “modding” for armor and weapon in place and got the war paint in place as well. Why not just add a crafting recipe to chose a stat boost ( normal / exceptional / flawless ) which in the end will end up giving the same amount of bonus to the piece.

Right now, even though I love the savage frontier dlc, it’s pointless to use the armor for pvp because the stat it boost is survival and that’s useless for pvping. So by adding the recipe, anyone could use the armor they prefer the look of, and use the stat that they want. The best of every world!

If complain and question about what’s the use of “racial” thrall, like how cimmerian give vitality etc, welp, make it that the racial one can only craft that certain recipe of the stat in the flawless condition. That way it’s the same as getting that T4 thrall for the flawless armor piece.

Also, for dlc skin, can you please make them “mod” to add to an item instead of a separated item? That way, we could use whatever skin we want on whatever item that match it ( aka dagger goes for any kind of dagger , sword for sword etc) This way, there won’t be any difference in stat and it will all be balanced out for the actual game and all future dlc you add. Path of exile use this kind of MTX, where you use whatever item you want and can change the skin of the item with whichever MTX you have bought that fit it. This would work flawlessly for conan exile as well.


Because they have this strange notion that you must be able to guess a player’s build from the armor they wear. Don’t ask me why they think this is cool, to my mind it just reduces the viable armor options to a few best-in-meta choices, and all the rest are completely ignored.

Exactly that, stast are bind to armor so people can recognize what build their oponent are using, but in the end, it doesnt really matter, because PvP’ers will fight anyway, so if my opponent is using Darfari or Zamorian, my tactic will be the same -> Avoid hits, and hit’em hard! The only thing that differs are Armor value, Heavy to Light, that can change the behavior of the attacker/defender.

Having the option to choose what stats said armor will deliver, we would see more varied sets, even mix&match, that really would be nice as we wouldn’t be stuck in one exclusive armor because of the bonus.

While I understand FC vision to limit armors for one stat to fit the survival aspect, we could have an alternate option for each armor, exemple;

Conan’s Royal Armor gives Encumbrance, Alternate option -> Strengh.

That would open more visual room so Players can choose combining the stats of choice, still looking good, and yet making the players have an idea the type of build the opponent is on.

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