DLC "Cosmetics" Solutions

I’ve seen a lot of anger and complains about DLC items being thrash, not being able to craft flawless variants, not balanced, etc etc. The current system is just overcomplicated and has lots of issues now and will complicate future DLC as well.

Current DLC issues:

  • Cant craft flawless weapon/armor variants because T4 Thralls for those are not in game.
  • Weapon and armor stats are not balanced. Same tier weapons outperform Khitan weapons (starmetal).
  • Lategame weapons (armors) are way superior. Nobody will use DLC cosmetics for pvp.

Can we think how to fix this and future DLC? I came with some ideas that might bring balance to the force.

  1. Add a “skin” option (similar as Dye) for weapons and armors were you can pick what DLC skin use for any weapon. Stats should remain the same as the weapon/armor using the skin. (no stats! just cosmetics, remember?)
    Limit armor skins for those that have similar temperature resist so it doesnt break immersion.

Another idea (possibly better and simple one):

  1. Make an item (“Appearance kits”) that consumes a starmetal/iron weapon and gives you the equivalent Khitan weapon (including Flawless variants). Appearance kit should work similar as weapon/armor upgrade items.
    Of course, Khitan weapon stats should be equal to those weapons consumed!.
    Example: You craft a “Khitan apperarance kit” on your blacksmith, if you use it on a Starmetal Sword, this one is consumed and you get a “Khitan Jian Sword”. If you try to use this kit on a non applicable item you will get a message telling you so.
    As for armors, you can do the same by using the Exile, Raider or Vanir armors as the required items to be “consumed” by the Appearance Kits in such a way they fit with the tier and stats.

Of course any idea will take time for Funcom to consider, test and implement it. What are your thoughts? Did you expect such a mess with DLC?


Sorry to not reply directly to this post but for Xbox this is okay by me. Something special for 60+ players, something for lower levels to strive for. The something special isn’t going to f*** over lower levels. I was so pissy with everything going on with Xbox that this is actually something to look forward to, if i was going to buy it that is. Bc I’m not. I can’t even play the game rn so I don’t wanna waste any money.

Should have been free though. For everyone on all platforms imo

There really is only one solution to it. Pick something in the game that you can learn via leveling and mirror its stats and cost exactly. The epic weapons of this DLC uses Star Metal mats to make so it should cost exactly the same and have the same stats.

Its not pay to win if you have to wait to pick the feat until the same level as the items being mirrored.


in truth all they have to do is pick the weapons and armor at the same levels and use the same stats and build mats for them. there is no problem there as even thought it looks different its just the same thing that a person without the dlc can make

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Totally agree. Thats hat they stated on the past about how the DLC content was going to be, but apparently something went wrong because costs in DLC are higher (in armors) and stats are inferior to equivalent tier weapons.
The issue that remains “unsolved” are the Flawless variants that they also stated that were going to be included, but cant be crafted yet. How Flawless variants will be unlocked is a sensitive issue. IMO DLC flawless should be unlocked the same way as their counterparts are as long as they have equal stats.

They made the items worse because you do not have to buy them with feat points. They should have made their equivalents, like Star Metal, a prerequisite to unlock the DLC weapon and made them both the same stats and cost.

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We were all expecting something like that. But Funcom loves to surprise us :slight_smile:

I wish you could craft them as flawless as long as they were the same as the other flawless,it makes absolutely no sense and is not P2W in that aspect,it should have mirrored the first 3 normal armors exactly,just not in appearance.

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There is a reason armors shouldn’t be transmogged in this type of game, its tactical, you know what kind of enemy you’re facing by what armor he wears and what weapon he wields.

The appearance is important to tell you what type of fight you will get, so if you like an armor by its looks, but that armor doesnt give you the attributes to your favorite build, you must sacrifice something, its a survival game, its about choices, and thats what make this game so special.

If we start to ask for things that are features from other genre (mmo’s), CE will become closer to a generic game, thus making ppl stop interest in it. I know a lot of people would like transmogg so they would be free to wear whatever armor they want merging with their build of choice, but then again, the “unique spice” on the game will become obsolete because it will start to feel another game, and even those anothee games being good, CE must remain with its unique features, otherwise, I (and many other ppl I’m sure) will just move to another game seeking again the “unique missing spice” that is so hard to find in games nowadays.

When CE was announced with its vision and philosophy, I was so happy because I missed so much the old school pvp games, hard, no minimaps, no quest markers on the maps, no player blips, nothing “easy” , and a land of barbarians just fit perfectly in that.

If CE turns out to be similar to a standard mmo, I’ll just go back to the ones that I had a great time (wow, gw2…).

So I hope Conan Exiles stay like a Conan game should be, raw and brutal.

I think I adressed that here:

DLC Armors/Weapon should have a mirror non-dlc item that share all their stats, recipes, requisites, etc. (Example: High tier Khitan Sword = Star Metal Sword)

For example, If the heavy Khitan armor uses a Heavy Vanir Armor as a consumable/recipe, you already know that it will have the same stats as a Heavy Vanir Armor. The idea is to use existent armor as “recipe” for the DLC armors. You will know before hand what stats Khitan armors have.

- John: Hey! here comes an enemy with that OP DLC Heavy armor!
- Bob: Dont worry! DLC Heavy armor is just the same as Vanir Heavy set, we will be fine…

The problem is that FUNCOM went full creative mode and made a whole new set with stats that arent shared with any existent armor and thralls dont have those recipes as well. So its hard to tell what will Funcom do to introduce DLC flawless variants of armors that dont have a non dlc equivalent. Most likely they will just let it go as it is now and move on to the next DLC.

I see, that way it would work indeed, I missed that, sorry.

And yet people get to insta respec.
Yet some people will still demand more levels or feat points…

But at making cosmetic actually cosmetic, some people freak out? :stuck_out_tongue:

The choice thing is imo one of those rp elements, but I might be wrong. Maybe from both?

If those DLC contents will be as unviable as this one (regarding equipment), at least puppets to place those armors on should be introduced… :thinking:

People are used to formulas from other games, and actually there is no problem with that because we all would like the features we love the most in the online games we current play, but we gotta understand what works where and when, something that fits in a title may not work in another because the proposal is not the same, and then we will get the same thing in every game.

As a friend of mine use to say… “ thats booooooring ! “



Usually I don’t care about PVP at all. BUT
If you allow a “reskin” other players cannot see your real weapon/armor…etc.

I would propose an easier solution you mentioned same tier weapon like starmetal copy the stats from that.
and maybe give it another set of attribute bonuses. Problem solved.
Not trash, not overpowered just a bit different.

But tbh named Khitan blacksmith is not a viable thing ingame where optional DLCs present.
so no flawless possible or what?
Should one who not bought the DLC see a “ghost” with a download icon above it’s head? <- No thanx.

Anyway DLC not ment to be for PVP at all. That could be a “pay to win” situation with a later balance pass easily.

Cosmetic DLC means it is for PVE and or singleplayer. (for roleplay purposes and to be able to build from more lego-blocks)

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Hehe, I guess he is part of the club who says that :stuck_out_tongue:

A reskin of something that you already know the stats.

The re-skin must be available only for those equivalent armors. Im not saying that you could apply the DLC skins to any armor, but just those that were meant to be re-skinned.

No, this would be terrible for business.
People would be outraged by paid DLC content being behind an additional barrier. They’d refund immediately.

Cosmetics behind a paywall is pretty standard :confused:
He didnt stated that starmetal weapons should be restricted, but that DLC (cosmetics) content should be tied to already existent content.
Funcom should be selling skins for items instead of introducing unbalanced, non tested, new stuff.

The extra barrier I was talking about was just that. Progression. I agree that it would be fair to balance them after existing items, but that makes them only accessible after you’ve learnt Star Metal Tools which is a kind of long way into the game. Locking paid DLC items behind progression is, as said, bad for business. And FunCom, as a company, has always put its business first.

Except for one thing… they already have prerequisite feats. You need master mason to get the Khitan building parts. You need Exile Epics to get the epic Khitan armors. You need each weapon types’ epic handle to make the weapons.

Adding one requirement to each weapon in order to get a better version of the weapon, a version truly identical in cost to it’s other form is more than fair.

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