Weapon skins Let us make the choice!

After the disappointment of the DLC due to the weapons being useless, it pretty much became clear that what needs to happen is allowing us to apply any weapon skin to the weapon. IE sword skin to any sword, spear to any spear, so on and such. Why stop there? Why not do the same with Armors? I’d buy any DLC you offered if this was done. I love the looks of the new DLC and the people behind it should be proud. To bad its setting uselessly in my chest as a look piece. So again, CE has so many great skins we could use. Please let us use them!


No. Don’t waste the development time. Move on.

In wow or gw2 it makes sense, but not in survival, no transmogg here.

I guess you wanted to say not in PVP. Which I would agree. Other players have to see and realize what you have.

But on PVE / single player mode there is absolutely NO negative effect only positives.
So I’d say YES to transmogg in this survival game. Everywhere but on PVP.

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Yes, I mean in PvP, forgot to mention.

Agree with you, the appearance of the Khitan stuffs in this DLC is VERY GOOD, they look authentic. But inconsistent stats with the base game equivalents ruins this DLC big time.

This DLC is all about cosmetic, all about looks, and it delivers, the people that created those weapon armor building and decors really did a very good job. :+1:

Since it’s all cosmetics, things like stats, exp gain, armor value, materials needed, all that should be consistent with the base game equivalent, and things like what we’re having now shouldnt happen at all and should be automatically sorted out in the first place.

It’s ok as it is being separate items , but they have to make it consistent and on par with the base game equivalents or else it wont work like it is now. Its really infuriating. Why can’t they make exact copy from the existing item database and only change its appearance. Actually it’s better like this being separate items and different materials to make, it’ll add more variation to the game.