Have been wanting this for a long time and only realized how much so, until i fired up AC Odyssey again. The option to have the freedom of choice in how you design / equip your character is lost on far too many games = we may get the basics at first (hair, height, face, etc…) but none of it really matters when you cover up the majority of it with armor pieces that you almost have to choose, due to the stats attached to it. Any customizing in game is something i always appreciate, but when the system is merely an illusion at a given point in game… What’s the point ?

Allowing us the use of TRANSMOGRIFICATION would open up a world of options regarding how we want our characters to look and honestly after hundreds of hours of invested time (each playthrough) = to me this means ALOT. I thoroughly enjoy building up and upgrading my gear / equipment, but always feel let down when we all eventually reach the same point in game and inturn end up all looking the exact same or quite close to each other = Meta. Having the option to re-skin our armor from a list of previously acquired sets would allow for much finer tuned customizing and creative uniqueness which this game direly needs in many ways.

Just my thoughts on a mechanic system far too few Devs take advantage of these days and have always been curious why more don’t take advantage of this / implement it into their games…?

Regardless, i truly do love and enjoy the work you all do at FUNCOM and will continue to for a long time, but a few extra options such as this would mean so much for many hardcore players and fans of your game.

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if you are on pc you can use my mod fashionist

I am on PS4 PRO. Love my console , but the sheer lack of MOD use is often disappointing, may have to get a decent PC for that reason alone. Thank you though for the link, truly wish i could use it :flushed:

I would not be against the idea if only the wearer of transmogrification would see the changed appearance of the character he/she is playing. Other players should see clearly the functional equipment of their foes.

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Yep, you beat me to it :slight_smile:

It should really be an option in the settings, so each player can toggle between seeing the cosmetic aspect or the functional aspect of the equipment.


at least you can stick the armor type with fashionist. if your real armor is heavy you can only apply the style of heavy armor.


Though i no longer play PVP, for many reasons. I can understand your point and would definitely agree with a player only option of viewing the Transmogrification.

For me personally, as a huge PVE & SOLO player I would just like to see it as an option and in many ways with every game i invest time and energy into = i would generally like to see seperation of mechanics / features between game modes (in almost every instance of gaming = changes to favour PVP hinder or damage the PVE experience and vice versa. Am still waiting in hope for Devs & Games to address this better. Just my thoughts that i will admit are bias due to the fun / enjoyment i seek in my games / purchases with PVE in mind.


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