Necesary skin implement

This will be wonderful for all players
Why not create a workbench for apply the skin from a dlc weapon/armor to a legendary weapon/armor
I mean,
Have the atributes from a legendary weapon/armor but with the skin from a dlc

I think in pc have something similar but with this,
More people will buy dlc!!!
We really need this!!!
I love yamatai weapons/armor skins but i never use it

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It’s a frequently requested change. Here are some of those requests, off the top of my head:

Sadly, Funcom seems to be against this. Their usual justification is that being able to change the appearance of your armor would affect PVP, because the way things are now means that you know which stat bonuses your opponent has at a glance.

Personally, I’ve never ever been in a combat situation in which I’ve had the time to see my opponent’s armor and formulate a specific strategy based on the stats that armor gives them. But maybe that’s because I suck at combat.


The only transmog I would be opposed to would be changing the weapon type, like axe to sword or that sort of thing.

Personally, I wish they’d move the attribute bonus to the lining.


I feel that man ive never had the time to stratagize a plan based on what they have on n even them how will u b able to do so if u just run up on some one and start a pvp battle?? They just dont want to change things im starting to think because a simple indecator of armor and health stats under the name and above the health bar would be so much easier to strat on in battle kuz it will tell u if u nees to play defensively or offencivly there could be multiple work arounds for this to make it feel more of an open world and from most of the servers ive seen most people carry wat the want to wear with them till they get into a fight then they have to change kloths to there armor smh

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The type of transmog system i had n mind would be like diablo where u kan only change things of that type swords kan look like other swords and axes kan be other axes but i would be fine wit the weapons being untouched kinda but the armor n cloths definantly would add more life to the game and ultimatly to have such a plethera of armor and cloths in the game and every one that plays has there own style n likes n dislikes for them to give u so much to use only to b completly irrelevent because every one wheres the same end game stuff or just slight variants or colors like to me honestly i like to make different builds n styles of characters loke since theres werewolf enimies o made a vampire character so to have the ability to kloth it as such to keep the dark vibe but to b elegant since its a female character would b awesome just like i made a theif as well as a pirate and my main is a vampire warlord so the ones that will suffer the most wit difficulty would b the pirate n theif if i dress them approperatly but if i have a pirate named… say peg leg bill it wouldnt make much sense if he komes running at u in full silent legion gear and even then itd look so off it its full armor for defense to actually survive a few hits and i just have a peg leg as his boots … Lol .
I mean i understand they had a vision and that what they are saying logically makes sense but to add such a world of diversity to an open world game would change things on a hole new skale and breathe so much life into it even tho its not dead or dying n my opinion but its like they have a gem right here and they are denieing it because it shines to bright

Actually my clan calls out during the tare skirmishes we do get. And we also watch for temp trends, as not everyone realizes they can give away snow bases by always being seen in cold gear.

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As much as enjoy certain looks in the game, doing so proves the game is less combat oriented and more rp/pve builder sim.

This feature is so popular in all RPGs that it cannot be ignored. Let this feature be turned off on official PvP servers if this is so crucial, but for PvE… I love to dress my fighters as peaceful cute NPCs, already sick of tons pictich/hyborean/legion armored guards everywhere

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Yes. I already stated this on another thread: They want this, but on the other side add new Siptah Armor based on the existing armor skins but with different attributes. The same with legendary armor you you can find in UC and some other places.

And the DLCs. If I run around in DLC armor only then those people who do not own the DLC will not know the bonus attributes from said DLC armor. Same nonsense.

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The argument about PVP and WYSIWYG armor is old by now. Every time it pops up, I always offer the same suggestion: implement the transmog, but offer each player the ability to opt in or out of seeing other people’s transmog. Basically, add an option to the game client settings, on the “video” or “gameplay” tab, that allows you to set your transmog rendering to “always see transmog”, “never see transmog”, or “server default”. And then PVE server default could be “always see”, and PVE-C and PVP could be “never see”.

Of course, the whole transmog feature would already require a substantial amount of effort to implement, and this setting would add more on top, but it’s not like it’s an unsolvable problem. :man_shrugging:

Then again, I’m pretty much resigned to never seeing the implementation for several of the most popular requests, including transmog, decorative thralls, or even lava-immune followers. :confused:



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See thats wat im talking about suggestions and work arounds i agree that kould be an easy fix tho id say to leave the base option kuz i play pvec and some servers are more komunities than about the pvp or solo klan aspect of things only time any one on the server im on wears armor as if they dont have the encomberance to karry extra gear or if they are doing open world exploration or dungeon krawling which is kool and fine because it makes since to wear ur kloths at home but some people dont want to go thru that extra menu to do so n for me for example i have a set idea on how my charcter is for exanple hes a vampire lord so i have picish and templar klothing for battle and the kloset u kan get to a vampire as kloths

Yeah, we all just assume people run with 40 str, 40 vit and the rest doesn’t matter as much anyway lol. (unless they run archer, but that’s obviously easier to guess anyway)

I would prefer if legendary armor looked unique, so you could kinda guess if they have not so good spec (no buffs, normal armors), good spec (buffs, normal armors) or really good spec (buffs, legendary armor pieces), but since so many armors are just reskins anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

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You would be surprised what agility can do for your armor. My follower thrall and I wear the exact same armor and she has 300 more armor points than I do. My agility is 10, hers is 30. Damage reduction is huge sometimes.

Don’t you get 4 armor per agility? I don’t think it’s the same for players and thralls.

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I think that’s a brilliant idea.

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There are a few CE attribute calculators online, most are dated, but they still calculate attributes correctly, I believe. I don’t honestly know if its the same for thralls, with so many changes its up in the air these days.
The important thing is the damage modifier for higher agility.
I guess you could call it a toss up for having more health or taking less damage.

Its no nonesense at all. Because even people who do not own the dlcs but play regular pvp know the stats of this armors or have people in the clan or even in the server who can craft this armors for them to wear them. Often times armor got looted while raiding bases. People who play pvp nowadays know a lot more about the pvp in the game then years back, where such things as dlc´s weren´t a thing.

Still there’s armors that look the same that have different quality/stats.

You can’t really see a spec from looking at an armor, you can only guess.

And you’re not really going to play different based on if they have 30 or 40 vit.

Most combat choices are based on what weapon the opponent use.


Thats one of my biggest points because the only arguement funcom has is that it will take away from the kombat experiance to be able to look at ur enemy and plan accordingly and in my experiance u never have time to stalk a guy study them go suit up and come back smh from wat i noticed when u see each other theres the ? On both sides are they friendly or kan i take them and if the fight starts it starts right then smh so i feel lioe they just dont want to put in the work for a work around like a spec info slot under there name to tell u armor n damage or health ratings would work fine then all it would b is adding a mechanic to enchant ur gear to differnt physical apperancesand on top of that it eould add a whole nother level to the pvp skill needed during combat