No point in collecting multiple T4 Crafters anymore?

no one knows it, only them., i can just imagine their motivation and it will be just a guess, but if you want to keep playing the smartass , be my guest. i am done discussing with you, go find someone else to fight with.

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About as useful as pocket lint.

Feel free to come back anytime and actually add something to the discussion, like other people did.

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Actually, pocket lint can be used as tinder in an emergency, so it does have a use under very limited circumstances :wink:


Yes, any T4 crafter thrall (including the early game T4 exiles) now has access to all recipes. So if you pick up an armourer at level 20 from the exiles faction, they will give you access to all armour recipes, normal and epic. You will never need another armourer after that if you so wish. Same goes for all the other crafter thrall types: Blacksmith / Alchemist / Cook / Carpenter / Smelter… etc etc you no longer need a specific named thrall - any named thrall of that profession will do.

The only small variation you will see in T4 crafter thralls now is 3 specializations for each of the classes for Armourers, Blacksmiths, Carpenters and Priests and 2 specializations for Taskmasters.

For instance, an armourer might now be a Scoutwright (best weight reduction bonus), Shieldwright (best armour value bonus) or Temperwright (best durability bonus). So at most you can fulfill all armour crafting possibilities with just 3 armourers. No more need to collect particular named thralls from various factions anymore to access specific recipes.

As you say, thralling in any part of the world is now mostly just for combat thralls, sadly.


Well I am new to the game so I do not know the old status quo on thralls. However what I kind of miss in endgame is the ability to craft whatever armor with whatever perks I need. There is a lot of DLC armors, but it makes no sense to craft them when they do not match my needs. So I have to run with cosmetic armors I do not like but have the perks I want.

I do understand that the farming might displease on pvp or in a timely manner for a lot of people. But how about give the specific T4 crafters the ability to change the appearance of a specific armor (without chaning its perks)? This would make it purely cosmetic, but still something to farm for for longtime players?

Ah… btw I play on Console, I know this mod is available for pc.

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This a recurring suggestion and a popular request. Here are some (but far from all) of the forum threads about it:

Long story short, they said repeatedly it ain’t gonna happen. They might end up changing their minds, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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I don’t like reskins I hope it’s not gonna happen.

Also: as far as I know now the purge taskamsters/tanners are the only thralls worth capturing over the regular spawn T4 ones, since they provide more crafting speed bonus.
Or are there other type thralls that I’m not aware of?

Ouff… what a shame it got neglegted.

Ah another thing which could actually be done easier? Better colors. Apart from white all colors look like several shades of brown and grey. Some more vibrant yellow/orange/reds etc. to color for T4 faction crafters?

And for servers/people not liking it a switch to turn them off in the server settings? dunno just brainstorming here

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The Dyer’s Bench has got you covered there already Dyer's Bench - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

No need for different colour variations being tied to T4 thralls.


Is this just implemented on PC as I have not seen anything like that on ps so far… but I am new so I could have missed it?

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It is just on PC. Hasn’t come to consoles yet.

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Give each Faction crafting clothes… I’d prefer being able to swap them myself.

Or even have set faction “Theme” clothes for thralls. Since its such memory heavy issue when loading them. (aka I pick Nordhim style, and my crafting thralls get assorted Nordhim clothes instead of fiber and turbans)

But, Instead of Crafting times changes, Give each Faction “styled clothes”
So Votarias craft Vot’s stuff with 10% bonus. Exiles Craft Exiles gear with 10% bonus. So you have a reason to keep people from each faction.


If the decision to remove uniqueness from T4 thralls was due to a PvP issue, then why not just have T4 crafters be able to produce faction-specific cosmetic items, such as:

  • T4 Armourers: Can produce a new faction-specific dancer outfit that has the same stats as the existing ones, but a different look for each faction.
  • T4 Blacksmiths: Can produce faction-specific braziers or something.
  • T4 Carpenters: Can produce faction-specific furniture or decoration pieces.
  • T4 Alchemists and Cooks: Get faction-specific recipes that don’t offer major PvP advantages, but use differing ingredients.

The “processing” thralls, such as smelters, tanners, taskmasters etc, are then fine as they are now.

It seems like this wouldn’t be difficult to achieve at all and it would give people RP reasons to keep thrall hunting from all factions throughout the game, without upsetting the PvP crowd.


It would be nice to have the different factions on the benches wearing some faction related clothing instead of the same garb.


I’m not a tech guy but I guess it’s not too hard to implement ?

I love filling my villages with crafters outside buildings just like in the NPCs camps and the architecture is often not enough to give a cultural vibe to the village. I’d rather keep the guards/fighters with decent defensive armors and have crafters with nice light/medium cultural armors.


I think there was a mod that let you dress your crafter thralls, but then that means no official server


Simple, make the cultural armorers use less 50% less mats on their armor.

that way, one still uses the new t3 crafting benches, and armorers specialization, but get an added bonus of saving mats if they get the armorer for thier favorite style. Black smiths, cooks, and carpenters could work the same.


Possible I missed it but didn’t see this mentioned. A T4 durability armorer or blacksmith when placed in the tinker’s bench can craft legendary armor patch kits and legendary weapon repair kits respectively. The other types cannot so that’s some bit of difference at least.


A tempersmith and a temperwright can craft those kits indeed. Thank god that we have them :)))


shh, they might remove it , some people just lurk the forum to complain about anything that requires a bit of work or effort…

there is simply not enough armor pieces, or weapons to do something like this, and i lost count on how many armorers there are.

unless you could for instance have several armorers make the same armor. reduce time (you can tell it can take a long time to make a eldariun armor, a purge armorer could for instance reduce the time by half. or provide a 5% mats reduction (something to set them appart from the rest)

more importantly, since the removal of exceptional and flawless, as we stand now, we now have not 3 qualities, but now 4, (normal epics, epics with durability, epics with damage or weight reduction, epics with armor pen or more armor rating, its a TOTAL MESS On the QoL side, think of truncheons, how can we tell what taskmaster did it? how can we tell if said truncheon was made by a driver ? or an overseer? or a regular one? (3 truncheon qualities, that we cant see anything as there is no concussion damage show) this is the type of decision making i can honestly dont understand. we where happy with the normal/exceptional or flawless, and we did not know it. higher tier armorer should at least cut time and/or cost reduction on top of the benches. remember whiners are always going to whine…