Adding Weapon and Armor Transmogging

I think they should add the ability to transmog weapons and armor. There are so many weapons and armor that look cool or have cool effects but are so underpowered or weak for a level 60 player. If you could transfer the stats of one item to another and then lose the transferred item, that would make personalization more unique. Especially armor. Thoughts?


Yes it’s definitely needed. I can’t play without the Fashionist mod because I LOVE vanity. Having it for weapons like in Age of Conan would be really awesome as well.

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This would be sick, i would love to use some of the weapons that look cool but do no damage!

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I love the models in the game for weapons and armor. This would be awesome as long as there is some cost associated to this, maybe you transfer the stats of one item onto another which destroys the original and consumes some resources. That way I can turn my fiber rags into godbreaker armor.

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