Custom transmog for weapons and/or armor

So i cant help but to think every time i find better armor that isnt my style but i use it any way till i get something different that it woukd be amazing if they could add a transmogrify system like one diablo where there is a witch lady you can go talk to like a merchant but she enchanylts your weapons and armor changes 1 spec of ur choice or just changes what it looks like by enchanting the armor and they way that works is when ever u find a new legendary u unlock that skin so say u have a 1 handed sword thats animiated dripping blood but it sucks compared to the one handed sword your currently using then u can go to this witch and make your sword look like the one you want just in appearance same goes with the armor. And i think it would bring so much life to the game that way kuz in the endgame every one goes after the same types of armors and everyone basically looks the same just different colors so if you were able to get the best set of god breaker armor but u kan make it look like picish warcheif or slaver or treasure seeker gear then every one would be able to choose wat ever style they want but not loose the benifits of their builds

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This request has been asked for a lot. But I believe I can safely say that’s it’s slim to none that it will happen. Funcom have stated multiple times that the reason there is not a transmog system in play is so that when you rock up to a fight you can get a general idea of your enemies build and weaponry going into the fight and plan accordingly


This may have been partly true in the beginning, but since Funcom has pretty much tea bagged pvp in general over the last year, might as well go full Monty when doing it and let players just use any armor and put what stats, weight class and temp effects they want. IT is 95% a PVE RNG loot/ building game now anyways.


Yeah and then they introduced new armors that reuse the styles from existing ones and provide completly different attributes :smiley:

Also the legendaries from unnamed city.

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I see, one of those “please don’t destroy my game for the sake of PvP” guys.

I can tell you 100% that if they would add transmogs, it would not affect your PvE gameplay at all. This would basically integrate what the “Fashionist” mod does into the main game. And this is used on almost all PvE private servers.

Keep praying/waiting. I don’t think Funcom can improve their AI at all. I heard the AI code was outsourced, so reading the code is like reading a book in Latin. See: Gamasutra: Robert Dieterich's Blog - Most Programmers Can't Read Code.


I 100% agree with you there.IMO if they don’t want a transmog system then they should definitely not be using re-skins of things. Every individual piece of gear should have its own unique model and look so that the whole “know your enemies kit” concept would be true to its ideals.


You all make great points but are being biased and debateing instead of shooting ideasfor example for those that are acustom to the know you enemy role thats an end game thing for u to know the armor or damage rating for most things or to get a round about guess of how much it could b due to wat they are wearing but wit that it would add more of a cautionary play style and skill to ur pvps than just going n like oh yea imma wreck this guy smh lolbut forthose that need or want that aspect they kan sinply add a ratting system under the name and above the health such as for example "goran the killer (random name not in game)and under the name there eould be a plus(+2,865)for health and a sheild symbol for the armor rating there are work arounds for everything its just the fact if how to implament it into the game and how easy it would b to do so and how many people would be on board with the change and the possibility to liven the game up more to bring more players and income revenue because i dont see the point in addi g dlc armor if all their ratings are compared to weaker and base ratings of other armors because in the end game eveey other level 60 unless its admin are using accentially the same thing theres no diversity accept for color scheme haveing every one in the same stuff only makes since to me if their is a faction war and each army has their set of armor to represent their faction but if ur just playing in open world and with friends ut gets konfusing if every ones runing in the same armor and if you have thralls in the same armore thats even worse lol

and i agree that the ai needs better work but for 1. There are post already for that topic so lets try and stick to the topic at hand
2. As guy said its been out sourced and they have already recently updated some of the inner workings to the thralls ai from what ive seen so to expect or suggest another would be equivalent to making a list of birthday presents for next year litterally after u just had ur bday party lol itll b irrelvent to ask for the same present after just recieving it xp the only watmy that happens as if the patch the made to update breaks wat they were trying to fix lol jf that doesnt happen tho u gotta while to wait for another ai patch probably. And it would b like some one makeing a pvp suggestion and then people start talking about more foundation peices on that thread its irrelivent to the original topic at hand u guys lol save trolling for face book xp we are a community that are coming to gether to try to further improve the game as a hole for the community and saying such i would love to be able to go back into first person wit a bow or for u to be able to pick up a whole build like in fall out 76 all at once n move it if u didnt place it exactly right u could just pick it all up n slide it but i dont see that happening or at the same time u could have an idea that seems benifitial but its really only benifitial to u or a set number of players that play like that then itll probably b looked over so if their is a debate to b had on this subject of the pros and cons then lets debate it and shoot some ideas out pick the problems apart and fix it as a community guys and with that being said think about all the open world games uve played and if they had customabilty and if they were limited for example alot of the online community has complained about haveing skins for characters on marvel avengers but not haveing the gear they have equipped change any visiual asspects because it takes away from the diversity of the game so in a well populated server on the exile lands especially in a role playing server (which i dont play)(i like role playing aspects but im not about to act as my character lol ill tell u his back story tho hahahah xp) but runing around and every character u see is unique to each players style it would make u feel like ur actually liveing in a actual open world

Come one guys dont let the post die

Not quite sure why you wanted my opinion on this concept Ksk5547. Just for the record here you do know that Im not a member of Funcom…? But rather Im just a regular Aussie guy who enjoys playing Conan Exiles in his downtime. But sure ill throw my two-cents in if you like, although it may not be what you were hoping to hear.

First off I actually had no idea to what transmogrification referred to, having only played Diablo II and sadly never to completion. However a brief definition and youtube video brought me up to speed. So heres the good from my point of view on this issue. My character is fashionable reprehensible in the Exiled Lands, and my most common get-around armor is epic flawless Lemurian Warrior armor. Its FAR from the nicest set in the game and is kind of weak compared to many other medium sets. So why do I wear it? Simple: it only needs regular Leather to repair it (note-Funcom no…this is not an invitation to rebalance this). So if I could wear a set of armor that looked better but still only needed Leather to repair, Im in. Similarly if my, shall we say highly attractive female followers wore something that looked like the Bejewelled armor, but with the protective power of Godbreaker, I would use it. Basically if it was added into the game I would definately use it.

BUT…and here is the negative side of my point, as other players have correctly pointed out

This could cause balance issues in PvP, and I would wager an absolute torrent of complaints would ensue. The problem and complaints would likely be further compounded by player owned Thralls, and potentially even Mounts being kitted out deceptively. If it were to go ahead I could only see it being active in PvE and Singleplayer games, or as an Admin setting. And as such, knowing that could be problematic for around half the player base, I doubt Funcom will go for it.

Besides, I think it is far more urgent to get additional Crom goodies into the game. Did you know that without moar Crom features the game is totally unplayable!? That is why we must have more Crom goodies now!

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


Lets Talk about possible things :crazy_face: . AI?

I already shamed them once today and ended up with the Post being deleted, so i’ll just say this in regards to AI…

2.2 patch

Yea i could see that the xomplaints and stuff piling up for people that are set n the way the system works and if it was to b implemented i would b the same way im probably gonna use or at least have it lol but id love to see it implemented on a pvec as well if they did but i stiff fill whole heartedly that wit some tweaks and work arounds it coukd b acheived and implemented in a way that kould suit all astyles of players and i no the full fledge rp servers would die to have it lol im bot huge on pvp but i still fill maybe that some symbles for things like shield for armor rating and a sword for attack and a got or kold symbol on their info bar kould work around most of the strat problems besides the part of being able to strat with out geting klose enough to pvp but it would add a world of skill n difficulty to pvp as well.

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