I think it's time for transmo

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It’s nice to have lots of good looking armors, and we earned just a couple more… Excellent!

However, in game, the armor i see the most, and i’m wearing myself, is redemption of legion. Good def, good temperature resists, excellent attributes boosts, it does everything, excepted coffee.

I believe you don’t intend to revamp the armors to make all of them interesting… So, maybe it’s time to have the possibility to apply the skin of an armor on another?

Transmo time?

Or make game loops that benefit the other armors. Basically have dungeons that are “easier” if specced a certain way, be it temp areas with secret chests that require full epic cold or heat protection. Even things where you slowly lose health, thus requiring a very high vitality. The uniqueness would add flavor to the game, as well as put to use those less than resourceful armors.


Sure, if you can convince the devs to not only spend time on implementing it, but also make it opt-in on the client. In other words, make it a client-side setting that people have to enable in order to see the “transmog” armor instead of the real armor.

If transmog is not opt-in, then you have a problem in PVP, where players make decisions based on what armor they see on their enemies.


That would be only ENC spec and PvP spec.

I go 50 ENC in PvP gear because of this stupid reason.

I mean, I don’t play on PVP servers, and my combat skills on PVE-C are not rudimentary, so it never seemed like a big deal to me, but there are several PVP players on these forums who I respect and whose opinion I’ve learned to trust, and they all say that it’s important.

So rather than insisting on my point of view – especially since it’s probably wrong :wink: – I’m opting for pointing out that transmog is not impossible if you make it opt-in. That way, everyone would be happy, except possibly the devs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Fashionist is a mod that does just that it gives you extra armour slots so you can equip the armor with the stats you want but also where the armor with the look you want.

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Eh. We all think the stuff we want is the most important.

I’ve been seeing the “transmog” request pop up on these forums since I created a forum account. It keeps being requested and it’s almost always someone new, not the same handful of people repeating the same request.

That certainly makes it popular. Whether it’s important is much more debatable.

I’m in favor of transmog. And of server transfer. And of armor stands. And city life and decorative thralls and better food mechanics and religion revamp and a zillion other things that would be really nice to have. In the end, it’s pointless to turn every suggestion into a fight. Let people ask for things and see what Funcom implements and when and how.


That is because pcp is broken if a 4 vit/4 str/4 grit can’t win a majority of time v a 5 enc/3 surv build. Again, be surprised how many in pvp can run your build and not ever engage if they choose not too.

I’m definitely not in favor of a transog-esque feature like the Fashionist mod (great mod, just don’t think it should be on Officials, for various reasons.)

That said. I do wish that we could get more armor variety in PvP. As It currently stands, @CodeMage and OP are right. We see the same people running around all the time in the same armors and there is no way to change stats.

While I get that it’s nice in PvP to say “Okay, that’s Pictish Warchief and Godbreaker grips… this dude is gonna hurt”. I don’t think it would ruin the game to deny players immediate information on their opponents vulnerabilities.

Personally, I’d love to see the possibility of customizing the game’s various armors with different stat bonuses or temperature resistances. Such as being able to make an Argossean Phalanx set that provides +10 STR instead of VIT.

That being said. I don’t think it’s a critical feature, and I also think a UI-only reskinning approach would nor suit the base CE experience well. While I love the idea of cultural armors with augmented stats, having stat changes different from you armors’ "usual " is definitely an interesting advantage in PvP and should come at an in-game cost to the player.

Regardless of what FC does, we need more armors of various stats.

Edit this sort of feature would also remove the “P2W” (as some people call it) features of some DLC armors by making various builds possible across armor styles.


I completely disagree. There is an argument to be had that more people would like this than dislike it.

This is a MUCH better idea than a UI-only reskinning approach. I feel it caters to both camps. You choose the look you want, then build the armor rating, stats & temps to best suit your needs.

Agree 100%

Yes please! Especially with thrall caps, we will no longer be able to use thralls as armor stands.

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I’ve played on a private server with Fashionist and I liked it. That said, there are more interesting ways, in gameplay terms, to tackle this.

Yes, this is the way I would prefer things to be done, too. Sadly, I’m pretty sure it won’t be accepted by the PVP community, judging from the opinions I’ve seen by those PVP players I respect. Plus, over the years I’ve gotten the impression that Funcom is in the WYSIWYG camp too, so hoping for customizable armor crafting falls somewhere between an uphill battle and tilting at windmills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And temperature effects, for Mitra’s sake.

Bear in mind that the cap will most likely not be as low as initially announced.


for me transmogrifikation is a must have in the world of conan exiles. im playing on xbox official so sadly i cant have it with a mod but it would be soooo wonderfull to have it.especially with the stats beeing ingraved in different armors its so hard to find a set that looks nice and has the right stats on it… PLSSSS we need transmog on vanilla conan, atleast on the pvE servers and for private servers an option in the settings for the admin

or make it so that only i can see my transmog myself, not other players

i can understand why that is a problem for pvp server, so why not bring it on all pvE severs? whoever plays on pvp server probably plays conan for other reasons than pveler and dont need transmog anyway.

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