The new Thaumaturgy system / transmog system

Hello Funcom and fellow savages!
The new 3.0 update looks amazing and I can’t wait to play it!
I have a question about the new transmog system comming to the game. Will we be able to transmog light armor into heavy armor? Or will it be limited to light to light, and heavy to heavy ?
IMO it should not be limited, that way we can customize even more and I would loooove that!
What are everybodys opinions on this ?
Kind regards


I hope it WILL be limited like weapons are limited too. Otherwise this gonna be a pain in the butt for pvp players. Even transmogging into another light armor will be complicated due to you not being able to see if they’re skilled for fighting, farming or what not but for the sake of pleasing both sides im fine with transmogging the same “class”.

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But thats just too easy if you can read players on what build they use :smiley:

I don’t know. I can kind of see it from both angles.

From a RP standpoint, yeah, you should be able to change the appearance of armor into any other armor, regardless of weight class. I mean, it just makes sense. You’re using magic to alter the appearance of your clothing into something completely different, so why wouldn’t you be able to create the illusion of wearing heavy plate when you’re essentially wearing a leather bikini, or visa versa?

On the other hand, maybe it’s a bit more than a mere illusion. Maybe the material itself is being affected, altering it’s shape and size and whatnot. From that perspective, it makes sense that going from one weight class to another might cause too much of an actual shift in defensive value, weight, etc., thus pretty much defeating the purpose of the spell.

From a gameplay perspective, about the only remotely valid argument I’ve heard is the PvP one. PvPers want to know that the totally defenseless guy wearing rags minding his own business just trying to collect some stone isn’t actually wearing heavy plate or something when they go to ambush him with three other people, max buffs and end game equipment. Despite my obviously low opinion of this argument, keeping transmog within weight classes is an acceptable compromise.

No. And that’s as it should be. I know I’ve asked for this feature for literal years (since armors started having attribute bonuses, basically), and the answer has always been “PvP requires WYSIWYG”. A statement I didn’t agree with, but couldn’t entirely dismiss, either. Restricting it to be within the same “class” is a fine compromise.


I understand this argument for pvp… But how to see the difference between epic and normal amor? I know for endgame it makes no sense to use normal amor but it looks the same.
Also there are already some options for modifications to make heavy amor light.

I am playing on pvec and personally I would like it if I don’t know what stats the amor of my enemy has. There should be some kind of risk attacking someone you don’t know.


And yet, this is another example of how PvP restricts every other play style of the game in an unfair way. I am sorry, but I just don’t buy that excuse. If someone looks like they are wearing crappy Aquilonian armor but are in fact wearing Silent Legion armor, or better, then it doesn’t make one bloody difference if the looks is of “light” or “medium”. The end result is the same. The look of their armor is vastly different than the stats of their armor and thus you literally CAN NOT judge fighting them based on their appearance.


Well its a difference if someone tries to fight you in fake heavy encumbrance gear which actually is full meta light gear. Just gonna catch a lot of people offguard.

Funny thing to me is, that pvp-ers are like: we can meet in the middle we take the small L so pve-ers can at least transmog between tiers.


In a game with multiple “modes” but “global” patches you gotta find ways to please both sides of the crowd.


As a PvP player, I personally wouldn’t mind. Especially after armor not giving direct attribute points anymore.

The armor does not matter as long as I can see the type of weapon they are using, it’s all I need.


My point exactly. The difference between a normal armor set and a T4-crafted epic set is something like 50 to 55 % in damage reduction, and about five points in stat bonuses too. And this hasn’t bothered anyone thus far, unlike seeing Zamorian Thief when it’s really Darfari skin.

Or you know, you could actually look at reality once in a while. PvPers do NOT want you to transmog between tiers because “you can’t tell what kind of armor they have” thus “it gives an unfair advantage”. Which therefor restricts ever other game mode to their desires.

No one on the other hand is making any claim that the transmog is ruining their game. You are pulling that one straight outa you know where. So please do try to live in reality once in a while.

Yeah ofc because it has no negative impact on the other modes so why would they complain?

Its not that hard to meet in the middle. If it works without problems funcom can still allow full transmogging.

I could see the “like to like” argument before. Now, so many changes are coming down the pike, does it matter? For example, what armor do you expect someone to be wearing under 3.0 to be tanky? Its a rhetorical question of course because you don’t know. Everyone is in ignorance because so much is changed, so what is the disadvantage of it looking like anything else?

Its not about the difference in normal and epic armor. The only problem i see with this is:

Theres a dude running towards you in heavy encumbrance armor while you’re in light enc. armor yourself. Uh turns out the dude actually has light meta gear on instead of what you thought. That makes a difference in their strength, health, stamina and dodging and whatnot. So if you knew the person acutally has that gear you might would have run with your 150k stone you farmed instead of fighting someone who has a clear advantage over you. A lot of “noob” players will get caught offguard and its going to be frustrating for them.

I personally think more uncertainty is a good thing.


So if you see someone around Noob River wearing standard-issue light armor, and you don’t know whether it’s a new player who has looted that armor from dead Exiles, or a veteran who has a T4-crafted version of the same armor, that makes no difference?

I understand the need for WYSIWYG and if I was a PvPer, I’d fully advocate for it. But this detail of not caring about the difference between a 10 % damage reduction and a 60 % damage reduction baffles me.


But what’s with the amor reduction kit from the thinkers bench?
Are you able to see this modification?

No but thats a small difference like normal and epic armor. An Armor which gives different stats so you’re all in all skilled different than what it seems to be makes a huge different to inexperienced or new players probably.

They should simply replace health bars with a nameplate that says “Approach with Caution”.

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