The option to purchase any T4 thrall easily

So, what are your opinions?

Tried to talk about it with some people on server. One of them called me “whiner”, because for him it is a good opportunity to “catch up” for the noobs. Another one said he shares my point of view.

I think that this “drag three sorcerers to the cart and get the best tools/thralls in the game” kinda ruined any point of hunting T4 thralls without 100% spawn chance.

No more excitement when you grind those spawn spots and finally find them. The same with the best tools in the game. Even lvl 10 experienced players can get black blood tools easily.

Need to mention that it’s not about I don’t want T4 ths for everyone, just this aspect of long time players became about nothing.


Well, I havent formed an opinion one way or another on this, but I immediately think of the fact that thrall turnover is probably greater since the last thrall nerf hit their health pretty hard, and I also think that since this is just an aspect of chapter 2 and not a permanent feature, its not too offensive to me. So while I personally think getting thralls should be challenging, I dont see this as any worse than when people use thralls to do their thrall hunting tbh. I go in with a truncheon alone personally and make thrall hunting a face to face affair, but I also accept that I may be in the minority.


Well, it’s about the same amount of work, but less rng dependent. When you knocked out 100s of thralls, it gets old. Nothing stops you from ignoring that way of getting thralls and find them like you used to. The best fighter thralls have guaranteed spawns. Getting the others is a game of luck. This evens the field a bit. Not everyone has enough time to play so that they go 50 times to a spawn and come empty handed. All in all, it doesn’t bother me.


I don’t have any issues with this being one of the perks of the chapter events going on. Lets look at what you get

A builder carpenter
and a scoutwright armorer

none of these are too critical. All are nice and I wouldn’t turn one down but even the armorer and carpenters aren’t the ones I would want if I had a choice. These would be a “settle on” until I get the bowmaker or shieldwright. The rest aren’t that special as T3 works just as fine and both maps have plenty of options to find T3 of any of these.


This one is important for some builds. Other than that…
I think the pool is very interesting and not a game changer at all. Yes, I’m cool with it, definitely.


Yeah but those builds are typically heavy armor and that tells me PVE…which means not as big of a deal if folks get a boost as its a more relaxed atmosphere (please note this isn’t a criticism but a statement of fact. PVE is more relaxed and PVP more intense. That doesn’t mean one is better than the other and those that think in those terms need better self esteem because dissing playstyles in a video game isn’t going to fill the void that they need to address)


Sure, I wasn’t disagreeing, @erjoh . :wink:


Without a black smith and the least desirable of the carpenters and armorers, I don’t see any problem with it. This has the same or even less effect on thralling as the change to grandmaster benches and removal of cultural specific weapons and armor from patches gone by.

I was surprised to see the black blood tools offered.

My biggest beef with the offerings is how trash the mad sorcerers armor is.


I wouldn’t call you a whiner, but I would say you’re misguided. Here’s why:

Good! Grinding the game until the RNG blesses you is the lowest possible form of engagement. It’s cheap game design. It requires zero skill or ingenuity, just mindless perseverance.

It would be different if we had to do some epic quest to craft those tools or gain the trust of those thralls, but it’s literally just “repeat X until Y”. I’ve had countless conversations about that on these forums, and I never understood why anyone would actually find that kind of gameplay desirable.

I guess I was just raised wrong or something, because I can’t summon any excitement for endlessly pulling the handle of a slot machine.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the surrounding gameplay mechanics, like fighting bosses, or managing NPC aggro to knock out those I want and kill everyone else. I enjoy those. Sure, repetition numbs that a bit, but what actually kills my enjoyment is the fact that I don’t get rewarded for doing it well. I get rewarded randomly. It doesn’t depend on anything except the time I’m prepared to sink in it.

Sure, they could. Do you know how easy it is, for those experienced players, to breeze past level 10 to the point where they can go grind for Black Blood Tools? It’s ridiculously easy and fast to get there.

When it comes to experienced players, level doesn’t mean anything. The leveling progression is simply there to guide new players, that’s all. Journey steps, leveling progression, and lore are the in-game tools that teach new players how to play the game.

I get the impression that people who get hung up on this “level 10” nonsense are those who are used to MMOs and expect the same slog here, but Conan Exiles isn’t – and shouldn’t be – an MMO.

Long-time players always have the greatest trouble adapting to changes and complain the loudest :wink:


I like scoutwrights because it gives me more room to keep my agility buffs and speed without wasting points on expertise to carry the extra weight. I only use shieldwrights for my thralls where I want as much armor as I can get and not have to carry the weight. I only wear light or medium.

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I used to love them…but when armor type plays such a heavy weight(pun intended) in stamina Regen, I evolved to medium armors and the weight reduction discrepancy isn’t worth the discrepancy of armor values with the two types of t4 armorers. Plus armor reduction on the larger pieces lower the weight of medium to that of light

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Slap them an armor reduction kit too, @erjoh . You can live well with the durability loss.

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It’s still heavy armor and massive slowdown on dodging and stamina Regen

Yes, you won’t get the light armor bonus, @erjoh . But you can carry significantly more. I’m talking about you trying it on medium, since you use it. On pve, using on heavy allows you to carry more weapons while keeping in the green, which makes a difference.

I believe that the merchants selling the blood tools and thralls should be limited only to the camp in the volcano area.
Reason is this way It doesn’t make it too easy for new players to Aquire high end Thralls and blood tools and reward those new players that are willing to go through hell to get there (speed run) plus buy the time players are ready advance to the volcano area they should be at the level where they already getting T4 thralls and probably have better or equivalent tools.

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Some of us do not want to continually build-up and train thralls (and pets). The option to purchase thralls helps. It saves time from having to torture and convert them.

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All this! :grin:

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Why would you purchase a subpar T4 from the merchant when you can get a stronger fighter in the Unnamed City for less work?

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i love it. My clan isncurrentky buikding up as guerilla warfae on a new server. The packs are awesome. So far in 5 hours of slow levelong i found a route where i have already gotten 10,000 tar.

Straight up bomb making fun. i getvthe yar while they amass brinstone and crustal. We only need a improves firebowl and we can start bombing befire level 60! Yhe thralls are an after thought. i prefer 10 prize packs over 1 thrall.

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I agree to the most, but this has a minor gap! In order to go and grind for black blood tools, even for the most experienced players in official servers it had to be day 3. In private fast servers maybe day 1. Still it was risky and rng based to do so.

Before it was…
Hollowbone bow, act of violence (middle)!
Specialist ammunition 4 lower
Black blood tools higher!
Then the middle had almost no meaning, because act of violence and Hollowbone bow nerfed.
Now black blood is easier…
Remains just one visit for specialist ammunition! This visit can be enough to farm 90 black blood as well…
So practically, on pve you can almost skip the visit in these caves, so this demands some thinking for more importance in these caves.

Don’t get me wrong, i like every option that reduces grind and the fact that i can buy exactly the tool i need it’s simply awesome!

One thing that these legendary nerfs and all the grind reduces are doing is to bring frustration to the minimum. A lot of people are afraid to use the best and store them with the fear not to loose them… What’s the point to have the best and not use it?

I want to encourage the market opening and wish for a wider market in Conan exiles.
I want more things to be sold, a place that i can sell whatever i don’t need and finally a bank to store funds…

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