Bounties are Unbalanced

In 5-10 minutes I have enough obolus to buy a legendary pick axe, hatchet, or specific weapon. In 10-15 minutes I can buy a t4 thrall or crafter. It breaks the existing game mechanics and it really makes me feel gross. Glad I have full t4 crafters, tools, and named thralls now in half a day of playing!

Edit: It’s weird seeing people write fallacy filled multi-paragraph essays defending their low effort-high reward mechanics but that’s what you get with nu-gamers.


The witch-hunt event doesn’t net much more than a regular sorcerer or two. I honestly thought this would be more worth the effort.


They were thinking that grinding against the RNG is more gross than this :wink:

Maybe the obolus cost needs to be higher, but this is a step in the right direction.


I recon they should just remove the merchants that are selling thralls and the tools put them all at the volcano so they are not so easy to Aquire but raising the price is a good idea to.

I endorse your sentiment.

Very Bad implementation how ir was executed. It needs polishing.

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Sounds a little overly dramatic to me. May I make a suggestion. If you find it that unenjoyable or even repulsive, perhaps abstain from participating in this particular encounter. Encounters are purely optional additional activities; you are not obligatted to partake in them. But I for one have been enjoying it immensely.


I actually wondered, that without offline raid protection enabled, they are just trying to make it easier for folks to regain legendary weapons/tools and T4 thralls so that it is easier for folks to rebuild after being wiped.

Rebuilding an actual base building isn’t that hard — what has been a pain in the rear is trying to get T4 crafting thralls again. Maybe this is their solution?


Ya know :thinking: I seem to remember some one pointing this out in test. Just can’t recall whom :wink:

I honestly expected more then this. Just the other day I spent half an hour running around to the villages around the sink hole to earn 73 obl??? I aught to go spend it, but why? It’s easier to get then gold or silver coins. Hell it’s easier to get then darfari masks. Go ahead and arm all my archers with frostbites. Easier then making good bows.

RNG will bite you in the butt on those T4 thralls :grin:

Think about this, any 10th level can buy legendary weapons now.

The most annoying part is to get these RNG Bladesmith and Shieldwright spawns.

With the new witch hunt event, you can get a competitive armorer relatively quickly again. They should include a T4 blacksmith as well.


Welcome to the forums! Your timing is a bit hyperbolic! You cannot have all these in 10 minutes even if you live next to camps that has many sorcerers! Then the tools are not sold in the same place so this means that you have to travel a lot to gain them all, about one and a half hours traveling around the map. So if you were fighting the jhil boss for one and a half hour you’ll probably had all the tools as well and many of them double and triple :man_shrugging:.
About the legendary weapons, it’s a really handy feature and i don’t want to change at all! I may have 50 useless legendary weapons before i see glimmermoon that helps me a lot. So for this all we have to say is BRAVO not whining…
It’s still rng, @JJDancer last time took only Yanos and Marcus, so it’s not so easy again.
Above all, these are pvp needs you know, you don’t need to use them in pve if you don’t want to! For example in my pve servers i never went for Teimos back then, i was always killing him for the mask and argosean dream dust.
Having multiple choices is only good


I would say the alchemist is far more valuable. Blacksmiths…I do like the t4, don’t gete wrong, but it’s just not that same leap of advantage as a t4 armorer.

Any 10th level could have legendaries already. All he had to do was farming a giant spider. It takes 4 pairs of stone daggers. That’s it.
If he is a little skilled, giant crocs and hive queen reapers are fair game too, at any level, with stone daggers. If he is a bit smarter, he will make a mace and shield and with some patience, he will also get the Nemedian and keep his weapons repared until he loots some kits. All he has to do is killing some… you’ve guessed it…spiders.
Spiders are life. :wink:

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Don’t like it then don’t do it. You’re not forced to do bounties. If you’re getting coins that fast it is a spawn timer issue on the server. Try playing on a official server.

Actually the Den spawns 4 sorcerers plus a random one every ten minutes and there is a caravan right outside the south entrance so yes, you can get on average over 50 obolus that fast. The level 1 and 2 sorcs are worth 9, and the level 3 is worth 12.
But I doubt a level 10 can clear the Den and drag the sorcerers back, on Officials anyway.

The summoning place is where I got a mini head hunting base set up right now under the big tree multiple camps, head collectors carrage and the Summoning Place has 3 sorcerer spawns alone.
All in that 1 area.

It breaks the existing game mechanics and it really makes me feel GREAT!!!

Damn the “existing game mechanics” sucks where you don’t get to enjoy the game a single bit before hitting lvl 60. This bounty hunter business is shortening that pain by a great margin.

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And that’s NOT how it should be.
I feel the devs made the game this way (most of the stuff opens up at 60) because folks cried about it, who just wanted to rush max elvel immediately. I bet those people would be happy by deleting leveling as a whole, and starting at level 60 immediately…
So no, devs should have to polish (and f***ing FINISH) the “existing game mechanics”, and remake the whole knowledge to not being really relevant at max. level, and increase the XP for leveling. Basically with 2-3 hours playing aday, you are at max level way sooner than a week.

So? I fail to see why this is undesirable. If you can reach level 60 in less than a week of playing 2-3 hours a day, that means that you’ve learned from your previous playthroughs and mastered that aspect of the game.

Imagine playing Dead Cells over and over, learning all the tricks and getting better until you’ve mastered it. And then someone comes along and starts complaining about how it’s unbalanced because a veteran player can breeze through the Prisoner’s Quarters biome with 1 Boss Stem Cell.

Look, can we all just accept that Conan Exiles is not an MMO and never has been an MMO, and just move on?

Can we all just accept that leveling is in the game for reason?
I don’t know what Dead Cells is, I’ve never played.

And the bigger problem is that most of the stuff are achievable after level 60, which is BS. No legendary chests before 60? No epic stuff before level 60? No usage of fragments of power? Why? Just delete the whole leveling and I will say: there is no problem.

But if we are here: Conan Exiles never was a magic game, and should never will. Here you go. The books/comics/etc. contained magic? So? It is a game, a completely different thing than books. It does not fit into the game, no matter how hard some of you are saying it.
I’ve never said it is an MMO tho’.

Instead of this they should lower the level requirements for a lot of stuff. I can not understand this rush mentality in games. Being at max as soon as possible with nothing learned. This mentality ruined and ruins a lot of games. And this hype train magic… instead of actually finishing the game, dealing with bugs, and this “let’s make the game even simpler just because old PS4 players and users with old PCs can play” yada yada, nooooo MAGIC is the most important thing to do. God, I start to give up on this hope that this game will be Conan Exiles as it was introduced.

Instead of magic they would have been better off correcting the HP/armor of elephants/mammoths, spend the resources of perfecting the AI, implementing the endboss, making survival aspect still relevant at high levels, evenly redistribute (is this the correct word? Probably) the drops from bosses, making RNG less painful, making offline mode a TRUE offline mode. And a lot of stuff, I’m sure you can add to this list too.

Edit: changed some words to be more clear, and fixed some misspellings.

Yes because so many 10th levels run right out there and attack world bosses :roll_eyes:
That is an absurd argument. You can’t compare killing a world boss to knocking out a couple of sorcerers.
Apples and coconuts.

So after an hour you finally kill that spider and get RNG. With the headhunter camps I can pick what legendary I want just by going to the camp that has it. In an hour, around the sink hole, I can make enough coin to buy 6 or 8 legendarilys. Starting to feel the issue?

Tell me which is harder and will take longer knocking out 2 sorcerers and dragging them back to a headhunter camp, or killing a world boss?

Lets not forget how easy it is to get later game mats. There I was in ch1 setting up transport stations in places I farmed for mats. Just to have ch2 come along and make that moot. I can stay close to base and just farm sorcerers.

The villages around the sink hole will give you 5 at apx 10 coins each. Legendary weapons are only 15 coins. So one trip round and I just bought 3 legendary weapons. Which a 10th level can do much easier then fighting a world boss 3 times.

Starting to see the inbalance?