Crafting thralls useless now?

So I checked all the changes to crafting, tested it out. and have now come to the conclustion… why bother hunting for thralls? As long as you have the space just throw another station down and now you have in effect “crafted” the exact same effect a thrall will do? yeah my base is now ugly as sin, but no more finding any rare thralls, no more spawning purges to get those elusive buggers, i can be lazy and just plop down another crafting station and negate any reason for ever hunting a thrall again? Was this intentional? was it to cater to people who dont like hunting thralls? was it to ruin economies?

well even if some of the powers of the thralls have been “shipped” to the benches , like reducing the cost of materials or crafting faster , having 0 thrall in your amorer’s , blacksmith’s and carpenter’s benches will not have the same outcome in terms of Armor , weight and durability for armors , and damage , durability and “amor penetration” for weapons ( I’ve put the armor pen in brackets because it’s not working as inteneded in my personnal opinion so I reported it )

since :

1 from tier 1 to tier 4 thralls will add for each tier a little more of durability , armor/damage , weight /armor penetration to the object crafted
2 - tier 4 have each a specialisation in one of the above stats to add even more bonus to the objects crafted , be it durability ( for the hammer icon ) , weight ( for the hourglass icon ) , armor pen ( for the broken armor icon ) or armor/damage ( for the sword like icon )

( to be noted T4 priest have also a specialization , and guess who has now an epimetreus spear with better stats than mordlun ? corruption effect set aside )

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as of now, the ones with specialization offers an advantage, the others, just speed, nothing special about them other than a collectable item , unless this is changed in the future.

you are right about the ones that doesn’t offer specializations , but I guess we’ll have to wait for new upadtes , I (maybe wrongly) really think they will add further incentives to “collect” thralls and more over for purge thralls ( the only reason I would think of for not doing it is if they get rid of the purge mechanic and implement a new system to both exiles and siptah that offers the same purpose purge was aimed for , or if not getting rid of the purge at least the time to implement a mechanic to sitpah that would introduce purge thralls in the sitpah map ) but that’s only my guess on things

Armor thralls and blacksmiths provide a stat boost like mentioned above, but things like smelters, carpenters (not for making bows), alchemists, cooks only offer a speed boost, and last I tested, was so minimal you dont need to worry about it. They made these thralls useless, and thats truly sad.

In addition, once the meta is figured out for crafting armor and weapons, you will only truly need one blacksmith and one armorer thrall. For me, its the blacksmith that adds damage, and the armorer that adds armor value to your armor. Adding the master kit to weapons and the weight reduction mods make the best weapons and armor that I tested. Puts them on par with legendaries (which opens another debate about legendaries being less desirable now as well)

At least, you need a bearer, a fighter, a dancer, and an alchemist (for orbs recipes).

You do not need thralls for speed, just fill up your crafting stations before midnight and go to sleep, all will be crafted for the next evening :slight_smile:

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Yes spec when the crafter thralls is that uggly so its more or less nicer whitout them!

Cooks - speed + extra recipes in the stove, which one day may be useful again
Alchemist - speed + extra recipes + some more on purge level
Smelters - speed
Tanners - speed + maybe silk recipe from grubs!?
Taskmaster - speed + extra stats on truncheons + chain bindings
Armorer - extra stats on armors + extra recipes in tanner’s table, tinker’s table & armorer’s table
Blacksmith - extra states on weapons & tools + extra recipes in blacksmith and tinker’s table
Priests - extra stats on religious items!? + extra recipes in altars (gods, bubbles, potions)
Carpenters - extra stats on bows + extra recipes carpenter’s bench

Generally, I liked collecting them but now all you need is 1 each to get the extra recipes & specialization stats.


My Nordheimer priestess makes the Berzerker potion as a specialty item

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what extra recipes? you talking about t4 or just any thrall?

Probably orbs.

For me: Armorer (at least durability + armor one), Blacksmith (at least durability + damage one), Alchemist (for the oil recipe) are must have. Taskmaster, Smelter are good to have. The rest so so.

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