Thrall vs craftting recipes

Game mode: dedicated server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE

when adding a thrall lvl 3 or 4, there is no new recipe to craft or no higher quality item to craft

forge, carpenter, armorer and many more

Is this in the new benches. I think, and I may be mistaken, they removed most of the special recipes as well. Now thralls effect ap %, dmg, durability and weight based on tier and named specialize in one of the listed.

any type of bench un fortunately

Then 2nd part of my response. Thralls no longer have factio unique recipes.

Really ?? why ? how ? why ?

Been like that for a few patches on PC. Thatt is all I know.

So basically you are telling me it’s “normal” ? no more higher quality or unique thing to craft from a thrall ?

what the bonus of having a lvl4 thrall on a bench then ? I don’t see any advantage whatsoever
before we had, less ressource for crafting something and higher quality at least

No, every tier now affects temp, durability etc. Wiki has a chart. Named have 3 “styles” that buff certain atts of armor/weapon. New benches have faster or less resources (meta tbh). no thrall on new benches will still yield the half on on those benches. I did notice certain recipes on the old improved craft faster with named in them.

ok so, for the advantage : new benchs

and higher tier affect mostly durability

but mostly … thats all.

is it me of that s*ck !?!

No…blacksmiths affect ap% or base dmg. Rmorers weight and I believe armor rating.

ok ! Thanks for the anwer buddy !

I will have to learn to play with those changes !

Have a great one !

Yeah. Also, named armorers add more stat buffs…some are crazy high lol. can get some great character builds from them.

Also, alchemist 3 or named five oil with bark + 8chor. Resource bench is 1 bark + 1 ichor = 5 oil.

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Hello Same pb on the servers [FR] Les Vétérans, the recipes T4 armor and weapon reparation kit for legendary item it’s not possible.

Armorer does legendary armor repair. the named with hammer icon only though.
Blacksmiths same for weapon repair…except siptah has one shield icon “Henpecked” does it as well.

New crafter Thralls don’t give new recipes, crafting speed or material consumption reduction anymore, it’s been moved to specific benches.

New thralls give bonus stats to crafted armor/weapons depending on their tier, which make even tier I thralls useful in early game (tier I blacksmith gives +3%dmg, +3% arm pen, +3% dura, -4% weight for example). Tier IV thralls (named) give extra bonus depending on their speciality : Edgesmith (broken shield) gives more armor pen, Bladesmiths (knife) gives more damage, Tempersmith (hammer) gives more durability.

Check the Conan Exiles official Wiki, there’s a complete page of all specialisations with thralls names and all.

Pour le kit de réparation légendaire, il faut un armurier spé Temperwright (logo Marteau, ceux qui donnent plus de durabilité) ou un forgeron spé Tempersmith (logo marteau aussi) sur le Tinker’s Bench (le bench spécifique où on crée les kits d’amélioration et de réparation). Evidemment l’armurier ne fait que les kit d’armure légendaire et le forgeron les kits d’armes légendaire.

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