What exactly do the new armorer benches do?

I am seeing the exact same armor recipes on an old tier 2 armorer bench vs. the new ones (no thralls). If I recall correctly, Funcom said they were taking some of the functionality of the thralls and transfering it to the new crafting stations. How is that so? Also, I am assuming that Flawless and Exceptional armors are gone?

Yes flawless and that are gone now. The T4 thralls craft better and can give extra perks such as more attack power, durability, armor penetration that stuff. Each thrall has a unique symbol at T4 that indicates what they do. The benches themselves either reduce material cost or speed up the process. The description of each will tell you which one does what. You also cannot repair flawless or exceptional armor anymore on the table. If you want to keep those you have to use repair Kits.

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