Paddings and 'regular' armor missing from Garrison Bench

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Opened up the Garrison Armorer’s bench to find I can only make perfected paddings or epic armors.

Hey there , here is what I believe and what i answered on this topic

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Thanks for the reply. I was thinking something similar, but it wasn’t sitting well. The one disagreement I have against that reasoning is they completely shifted the way crafting works, to have costs and speeds change depending on the bench being used, rather than a thrall. By leaving the regular paddings out of the tier 3 benches, you get no cost benefit of the regular paddings on the Garrison bench. Under the previous economy, you could craft the non-epic stuff with cost and speed efficiencies with a thrall, so why not bring that forward? Just because you reach level 60, doesn’t mean a player crafts only things that are unlocked at level 60. IF they intended to keep the regular paddings out of the tier 3 benches (and all the regular armor for that matter), I really hope they reconsider this.


Thank you for sharing that we can not create most non-Epic items from top tier crafting stations. This topic is important to players. I feel the drawback in the revised economy by losing the material savings we used to get with T4 Thralls across all crafting stations.

Who really thinks that huge new benches are an improvement, when everything has inflated prices, plus you still need your older benches?

If you want the cost reduction it will be on garrison benches for armorer and blacksmith , and precision benches for alchemist / tanners / carpenters . but yes we still miss a version of cost saving for the tinker’s and tanner’s tables

Hello ,
same Issue here under garrison Armor bech all non epic recipes are not showing.Is this intended ? i need a Improved and Garrison at same time if i want to craft sandstorm mask for example ?


Oh crud. I didn’t think about the Sandstorm mask not being craftable at the high-tier armor bench. :-/

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