Garrison armorer bench with (normal) armor and padding recipes

Official PVP EU PC.

Normal versions of armor (non epic) are not present in garrison armorer bench. The same for paddings. So you have to keept the improved armorer bench in your base …

Can you pleae add all recipes from improved armorer to garrison armorer bench?

All higher bench must have all recipes from lower tiers bench. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @Selene01

This is an intended change introduced in the Economy update. As per the rest of the report it falls more in line of a suggestion so we’ll move this thread with a slight edit to its title to the suggestions section where other players can chime in as well.
Thanks for the feedback.

Considering how large the new worstations are, I’d imagine it would be the best if they served as direct upgrades to existing normal and improved ones. So yeah, I support author’s idea - non-epic armors should be craftable there

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