(improved) armorer's bench

do you want to remove the (simple)armor’s bench in a high level?
if yes: some recipe miss in improved version
i can’t list all, just blinking for a moment, but i know 2.
serpent-man shield, shell shield
idk this bug or not

I don’t believe you can make the Armor upgrade kits in the Improved Bench either. There’s probably a bunch of things like this, actually. But no harm in this thread serving as a compilation of sorts, just on the offchance that they do actually want to fix that (I’m still not sure if they consider removing the low-grade armorer’s bench a goal in itself).

My english is not perfect, but in the patch notes I saw “you’ll don’t need anymore normal bench to craft epic armors” and not “you’ll don’t need normal bench anymore to craft everything was possible to craft with normal bench”.

Honestly there are too many thing that can be crafted in these benches to think it will be never usefull to have only one.

I like to have 2 of them for different tasks, so they can work at the same time (crafting the epic armor and the Thick Armor Plating to apply on each pieces).

The regular armorer’s bench acts as a thread-making workshop for me most of the time. All that stone consolidant eats up lots of plant fiber.


I’d like to be able to upgrade the regular armorers bench for more room. Don’t mind having 2 different benches, but make the room on the regular one bigger or some way to make it bigger, please.

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