Improved armor bench is this normal?

ok so having learned exile epics I couldnt find the improved armor bench anywhere so I spawned it in

no armor shows up except silent legion which I learned last night.
put a lv 3 armorer on there and still no normal armor
just the legion and the bonus armor that the thrall gives

is that normal

on xbox

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Have you learned any of the corresponding Epic Armours?

I learned silent legion which showes up but no normal armor like the lower bench

the improved bench seems to only show epics

is that normal?

I submitted feedback on this a week ago. The Improved Armour Workbench does not have anything in there but Epic recipes so in order to make any Epic Armours you know you will still need the lower tier one. I suggested that the Improved bench should hold both Epic and normal.

You have to learn both the Exile Epic skill and the Epic armour you want to make to be able to make them.

Link to Steam Image

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well thats just dumb.

I know right 15char/

while as confusing as it is i think this is done to prevent getting a mess cuz if you unlock every armour set the list gets exeptionaly long, so keeping the normal versions in the first tier bench and endgame in the 2nd tier bench wil keep it shorter and easier to find


all the more reason they need to add folders.


There is no reason why they can not add the normal recipes to the Improved one How confusing is the Crafting menu in the Inventory?
If you use your theory you would need about 3 different characters to play the game.

As I understand it, the game is designed for players to specialize…You can’t get all of the feats in 60 levels, not possible. You gather a few players, one that learned all of the building, one that learned all of the armor and one that learned all of the weapons. Join a clan and cooperate to make weapons, armor and buildings.

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If you learn everything you need to get to level 60 you can then use Lotus potion and re-roll with only what you need and omit the unnecessary stuff. Which means that 1 man can learn a select set of elite armours (4 roughly) 1 of each weapon type s/he uses (Daggers, Bow, Pike, Axe, Sword) and all the building options and crafting stations.

There is no need to have 1 person do a particular task.

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The game is designed for cooperative play. A lot of focus on Clans and working together. You don’t need 3 characters, you need 3 friends. The crafting system is designed to encourage grouping together. Even in earlier iterations, I quickly learned that playing solo was pointless. With this latest patch a LOT of crafting options have opened up. Specialization is not only key, it’s required. One player can not possibly learn everything.

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…and there it is… this is designed for people to work together, in many ways… yet some seethis game as a way to bsh heads, and that is their focus… and given the depth of the game, this is just sad… so much to do and explore and all some want to do is kill everything that moves … that said… clan V clan and battles are a great thing… don’t get me wrong… it is more th attitude that people bring in that bthers me… :smiley:

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I seem to have managed to do it. Can’t say it’s perfect but I have pretty much every sjill I will ever need trained on 1 character.

It’s another bench that is required to make the high end gear, its not a normal bench. You need both, I suggest putting them side by side.

Hello I have a question about the armor from armor bench?? How do you take out the armor and put it on characters on conan exile game for Xbox one???