Where is the improved armor bench?

where is the improved armor bench?

In feats, under epic armors.

learned that but the improved bench is not in my list of learned recipes.
on xbox

I play on PC… it is in my Crafting menu when I open the inventory. Idk if it is in a different spot on Xbox, but I would imagine it’s the same.

not there and not in any other bench

Someone else from Xbox would need to chime in then… or it’s a bug. But on PC, after you learn ‘Epic Armors’ feat, you craft the bench from your Crafting menu.

Have you tried (or got) a search option in your Inventory if you do just search for “Improved”

dont have a search bar in inv or crafting menu

Really, Why the hell did they remove that?

OK then the only thing you can do is take it slow and go through them one by one, make sure you have not pressed one of the field search buttons and that all are selected. If you still don’t have it search for this as a reported bug then report it if it isn’t already done.

as far as I know xbox never had a search bar in the crafting menu are you on xbox

also I have looked at ever item there I have improved beehive black smith fire bowl forge planter fridge and stove and tanner but no bench

Nope PC. If i was to go on console I would be on PS4 sorry mate.

If there is no search box in the crafting window in inventory then I would also suggest you offer it to them as Feedback and a Suggestion to add it.

good thing Im admin on my own server. I’ll just spawn it in for now. its not like its difficult to get the mats at 60 LOL

It’s still there. Exiles epics…they just moved it to the bottom of the unlock list.