Xbox missing improved armor bench

I learned exile epics but dont have improved armor bench
on xbox

It’s there not exactly sure where but my buddy made one and I’ve made epic armor. Search for it in the search bar

xbox does not have a search bar in the crafting menu

It doesn’t? Thought it did, just search the tab with all recipes then, it’s there somewhere.

it doesnt show up becayse the improved bench is part of the exile epics recipe and I already learned that

No idea then. I’m on Xbox as well and I’ve seen it and used it, might be a bug on your end

did you craft it or use one someone else crafted?

My buddy crafted it and all the rest of the improved work benches, but he was able to make it and I made the epic heavy vanir armour with it

well I cant because its not in my crafting list

Idk then, Xbox has bugs right now that can’t be resolved till full release due to the process of making it a full released game.