Delving Bench Armor Epic Versions not craftable!

Has anyone been able to craft the epic versions of the Delved Armors that need eldarium. Like black knight or frost giant. I’m only able to see the base versions of the armor in an improved armorers bench. The epic version that uses perfected heavy does not show up in the improved, campaign or garrisons bench even with a thrall present.

This is what I see in an improved armorers bench

just the base version

unlocking all recipes in single players seems to be the only way to craft the epic versions

It looks like a bug that evry armor you delve since age of war only give you the non epic version all things you was delved befor age of war still have epic and non epic version

This is true. As i was able to craft the epic versions before the update. And have a few epic pieces. I’m just trying to figure out if this is a bug or just glitch for some players, as a player has said that he is able to craft the epic version.

Like i have sayed all delved armor recepies i have learned befor age of war i still have epic and non epic version in my knowleg and can craft them but all new armor i delve now only give me the knowlege of non epic version

so as of right now you are able to craft the epic versions of the armor you learnt before the update? This isn’t the case for me. I’m unable to craft any epic delved armors even the one I learnt and crafted before the update. Relearning, deleting and redownloading the saved data hasn’t fixed the issue.

I will check it again but i am sure i craftet chest and legs black knight armor for my thralls in epic for a coupel of days

I still have the epic armor recipes I delved from before the update. But anything delved after the update only has the basic version.
Secondly, the delved recipes are able to be used over and over without receiving the “recipe has already been learned” notification

This is a bug introduced with Age of War and has been reported as such.