Delved armor.. no more epic version?

When delving for a new armor recipe, I get just the feat for the basic low armor rating version, not the epic version that needs perfected paddings. For recipes I delved before Age of War hit, I can still craft both versions.
That can’t be right, right? …Right?..

Addendum: While delved weapons also have only one knowledge obtainable now, you get the GOOD version for the weapon but the BAD version for the armor.


Which armorer’s bench are you using?

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Why would it matter? I have an Improved Armorers bench and a Campaign Armorer’s Bench. On the Improved Armorer’s bench I can craft only the basic version of recipes I delved in Age of War, but both for recipes I delved in Age of Sorcery. On the t3 bench I can craft nothing at all for newly delved recipes, since I get only the low level recipe as I said.

Then there’s a few issues here.

Level 60 versions of armors should be craftable on the T3 benches, but likely shouldn’t be on the T2 or (just) T1 benches (some armors mistakenly do this). While sub 60 armor should only be on the T1 and T2 benches.

These admittedly haven’t been consistent in the past. And this has to do with trying to remember which crafting table group each item needs to be available in. Unless you’ve got a note nearby you’re going to mess this one up.

I speak from experience. :laughing:

No, you can craft all armors on Improved Armorer’s Bench, if you have the knowledge to craft them.
The issue is you don’t get the knowledge to craft the epic versions of delved armors any more.

That puts new players at a disadvantage versus players who delved those armors before Age of War, and doesn’t make much sense to me overall.

i did try it in single player on every single armorers bench, delved recipes doesnt let you craft the epic versions of it

How about you try it first before replying? It’s bugged and the recipes are gone.

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