Delving Bench broken

The Delving Bench is not giving me any EPIC armor recipes. Only the normal versions.

You got the epic knowledge? Cause the war court garb only shows up under the normal armor section, not under epics. I used an improved and a garrison both with t4 thralls. Nothing.

I’m having the same issue just did marksman and didn’t get the epic set

This has been reported many, many times by users noticing it on specific armors (black knight, frost giant, vicious, etc…) and as far as I know, there has been no response back from Funcom about the issue.

Is this intended behavior? If so, how do we get the epic versions of these armors? The base sets are worthless as armor, and are good only for illusions on items that actually protect you.

Not even that since most of them look exactly the same as some base game armours.

I have the same issue and have a bug report. I GOT THE EPIC VERSION when I tested it out on a private server. On official, I am not getting the Epic Version.