Shields not appearing on the improve armor bench

Am I missing something that the shields don’t appear on the improve armor bench but does on the regular armor bench?

Took me a while to get used to as well :wink: I think it’s because you only make the epic versions of armour in the improved bench, the basic armours don’t show up and are only available in the basic bench - the shields also being non-epic fit in with that block of recipes is my guess. (Which is also why you do need the improved armourer’s bench for the shield frame, because that is ‘epic’…)

You must be missing something, I just made 4 flawless shields in the advanced bench, and I don’t have a t4 armorer on that bench.

Re-equip the thrall in your working-station…

There are some strange bugs, if you learn new recipes after placing a thrall in a station (for whatever reasons).

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