Improved armour bench not showing flawless gear with correct thrall

Hello, is anyone else having issues crafting flawless epic armours on the improved armour bench even if you have the correct t4 thrall?? Imive tried many different thralls and they are not showing their exclusive armour sets?
I run a armour shop on my server so being unable to craft them is actually ruining my playing?

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I have noticed this on 1 thrall I have. 2 different ones work as normal.
Ogrus Iron eater. It can craft flawless Dafari base armor on normal bench, but cannot craft the flawless epic Dafari on improved bench. It can craft all the DLC’s flawless epics on the improved.

This happened and is happening to a new server we are on.
Pull the thrall out of the machine then reinstall them, and all the stuff comes back that they can make.

Hey @Vampira246

Thanks for the feedback. It’s been relayed to our team so they can look into it.

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We have this bug 100% of the time on our server. In our clan only the LAST person to insert the thrall into the bench can see his special items, or repair things that the thrall can repair. If clan member 1 inserts the thrall it works for clan member 1.

When clan member 2 uses the bench it acts like it has no thrall (other than the reduced crafting costs for things like reinforcements). Clan member two takes the thrall out, puts him in the main bench area, then reinserts him into the thrall slot and the “above the line” items appear for that clan member. However when he leaves the bench clan member one can no longer see them unless he removes and re-inserts the thrall.

edit: If two clan members can see the same things (both clan members can make a mace and so the thrall can make an exceptional mace) they will both see it without changing the thrall, but the thrall’s recipes are locked to what the the last person who inserted the thrall could see.

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Having the same issue along with no room in inventory when slots are open in bench

I’ve been getting this off and on too. If I swap out the thrall, re-place it, exit from the station and then access it again, it usually resolves it. Sometimes it takes a few tries.

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U have to take the thrall out and In than it works

I was unable to make the redeemed legion armor with the purge thrall Tuesday is this still a thing?

The benches inventory might extended downwards so that it’s at the maximum slot number while still having empty slots at the top

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