Missing Named Armor Thrall recipes?

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I have Irniz of the Furnace. She has access to the flawless Zamorian Thief outfit, plus a few others. Put her on the improved armorer bench, and those extra recipes are no longer available. What it means: I can craft flawless Zamorian on a normal bench, but I can forget about flawless epic Zamorian because she loses that recipe on the improved bench.

Is this a bug, oversight, or feature?

Checked the benches with a Cimmerian armorer III. He has access to exceptional Cimmerian armors on the improved bench, but not on the normal bench.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Put the named thrall in the improved armorer bench.

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When you place a thrall on an improved bench they no longer have access to lower level gear creation. You have to go into your feats and learn the lvl 60 epic armor feat for that specific armor and then she will be able to craft lvl 60 flawless version if said armor. You should always keep a normal armor bench for the other stuff.

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That’s the thing, I have the feat for Zamorian in both normal and epic. So, I can make normal quality on the both benches. I am aware of how the process for epic crafting works. The thrall has access to the flawless version on the normal bench, but she doesn’t on the improved bench. I have another named thrall who can make flawless Hyrkanian on both benches, so flawless epic Hyrkanian is possible. I just can’t do the same for the Zamorian.

My guess is that the flawless verion of this epic armor is not implemented yet.
Just stick to your flawless zammorian outfit for now and just don’t bother with this crappy “EPIC” version that is way too expensive for an inferior armor.
It will come though, pretty sure about it otherwise there is just no point in spending that much feats points + a lot of ressources to get an inferior armor.

no the recipe was there last week as i have crafted epic flawless theif several times. And “inferior” is subjective to opinion, too some the best armor in game is legion, to me it sucks id take iframes over damage reduction anyday

What armorer did you use?

Irniz of the Furnace, who has the recipe on a normal armorer bench. Put her on an improved bench, and flawless won’t show as one of her recipes.

Yes, sorry, that was a reply to @Akartu.

I also have Irniz and the recipe was not there in Early Access and it’s still not there. So I’m wondering what armorer @Akartu was using to get that recipe.

In that case it’s not subjective at all. Just go and craft a FLAWLESS ZAMMORIAN armor, then craft the epic version and compare.
Other armors are better in epic versions though, but not the one i’m talking about.

I think it’s a bug and needs to be fixed. for the somewhat new gear the epic flawless versions
and exceptional! are simply missing, it’s important because you can not create builds with the extra stats missing on the epic versions.

simple example
Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Put lvl3 stygian arnoerer thrall in the improved armorer bench.
2. you can craft epic but no exceptional epic
3. put the thrall back into normal bench you can craft normal and exceptional
4. try to locate lvl4 stygian armorer, not in game and if in purge, purge is not working