Cant craft the flawless turan armor set

As the title says the flawless turan armor set do not show up in my bench. I have tryed 2 different t4 armorers. Anyone else having this problem?

I have made them,I forget what thrall I have on there right now…I’ll update tomorrow

I’ve got Orqina Steeltongue on my bench and I can make them just fine. I haven’t tried any others though.

Dont get me wrong - but:

You only can make the “normal” (non level 60) flawless set on a normal workbench. If you look for it on a Improved workbench you cant find it.

I made this mistake before - maybe thats what causing your problem?

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Did you perform a text search on them? I ask because the text search results for the Turanian armors currently isn’t working properly (at least for the Medium) and you actually have to scroll the recipe list to get to them.

In any event, I was able to make the medium Flawless Epic Turanian set without issue; Hanar of Bossonia crafted the normal non-epic base and Fia was the T4 Improved Armorer. In both instances, I was able to see the Flawless and normal versions in their recipe lists.

Ive tryied with multiple t4 armorers on both benchs the only flawless one i have is the light helmet lol

Some kind of bug where the armor didnt propagate after the DLC download? I checked and I see the armor in the improved bench. Maybe a hard boot would help.

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