Flawless Epic Armors Now Missing From Armorer Crafting Stations! WTF now Funcom?!

Cannot even make regular flawless medium and heavy… Yes I am trained for them… Yes I am using T4 armorers…

Every flawless epic is gone from the armorer crafting station except for flawless medium Aquilonian.

Tune in next week for another episode of “What will they break next?!”

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I saw something like this on single player. I simply pulled the thrall out and put her back in and the items were creditable once again.

Taking out the armorer and putting it back in isn’t working.

Seriously I have NEVER seen a game company that constantly and consistently breaks so many simple things like this in their game.

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Are you using any mods? If so, disable them and post back with your results.

Official server… no mods…

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Yeah I have the same problem. Removing and replacing the thrall only brings back a few of the recipes. Also i cant navigate the feats menus any more, im on ps4. When i try to scroll down the screen stops scrolling and i just have to guess where im at in the list from context clues

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make the atlantian sword great again

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I had some success by performing a text search in the crafting menu.

Maybe you also need to have the required crafting ingredients in the station already?

Pulling the thrall, putting it back, assuming you have all recipes showing in the sort I clicked just armor and then back. That exposes all recipes for the duration of the screen being opened. If you close it you will need to repeat that process again and that is a nuisance for sure considering queue never did work right when there were multiple stacks of anything in it but it can be managed until they fix it.

There is an issue with this but I have noticed that a small window (the first 5 items that is 1 row) appears and you can scroll that row and see all. Hope this helps. Some times I have to go to another station and go back and look sometimes I even have to log, this has been reported as a bug post Halloween.

official server #1009, same problem, the armors from the packs are missing too except one of the minor ones

not only the armors, but I noticed blacksmith can’t make flawless weapons too.

my Video shows shows you a workaround

PC user, can use search function.
Can unequip thrall from station, and place it back on each time.

L3 button (ps4 anyway) will sort thru list (several orders it cycles thru) will also bring up many of other missing options.

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that’s what I’m talking about players helping players

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I got Beri as my BS (only bs I own, got a small hidden base) and when unnequip her from the station and place it back, now it only show 4 flawless weapons instead of a whole list before this bug.

Ya, few of my thralls do that. Few other users noted some of repair kits not showing up at all.
I’ve been using L3(ps4) to cycle thru sorting list (By name, by weight, heaviest 1st etc)

Another thread pointed out crafting white dye doesn’t show at all, and you gotta type it in search.
(Console user don’t have keyboard support… so been unable to craft it)

Its mostly a tempt fix till a patch. =/

Hey there everyone,

If you’re still having touble with this on PS4 heres a work around.

  1. Remove thrall from station
  2. Re-place thrall in crafting station
  3. Press L-3 to cycle the order of recipes

You should be able to see and access all of you’re unlocked recipes.

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