Really need to fix this game, once again another proplem since halloween event ended, named thralls dont make flawless items


Really need to fix this game, once again another proplem since halloween event, all named thralls dont make flawless items.


Es cierto me pasa en la mayoría de los armeros, solo aparecen las botas impecables.


Yes yes, this one, I have just logged in to report this :). All creator thralls (checked on Tier 3 ones) have lost like 90% of recipes they could make. They have left 5 recipes each.


I’m also having issues with L3 Armorer not making Exceptional gear as per usual BUT it’s inconsistent: sometimes when I open bench it’s there, sometimes not.
Also noted that clicking through the sort buttons in the bench now ghosts items not in that category - so I’m guessing the lack of thrall craftsmen losing skills is related to that tweak.
Yup, fix one thing, break two others…


If you take the thrall out and put in inventory then back into station. Then sort through the icons that filter materials all the way through all there stuff shows back up. But you have to do it each time you go to the station. I know it suck but at least you can still craft


Actually, on my PS4 I cannot remove nor replace the crafter thrall; selecting thrall & click R2 give/take only blinks the screen button = no action. Definitely another annoying glitch, & also save with my cook.


Hay un workaround para este nuevo bug. Busca en pc bugs and updates, creo que fue @Mikey el que encontró que si vas ordenando el menú de creación del armero con el click del joystick izquierdo, una vez lo has ordenado de todas las maneras y vuelven a mostrarse todoa los símbolos aparecerán correctamente los items del armero, a mí me funciona.


Yea only remedy right now, take thrall out of bench, put in inventory, put back in bench, and/or use the sort buttons til they appear.


You can do it by manually selecting the thrall with (x) button and clicking on an empty space of the inventory with the (x) again


Hi i tried that doesnt work for me, thx tho :smile:


Just to be clear, it works for me when I’m using L-stick sorting button. Well I hope you find some way to get around it til fix, good luck!


Thank you, removing thrall does now work (didn’t earlier) & restores full menus… now for another patch.


You are welcome mate :wink: , good luck.


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